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(Yes, the title is a throwback to a contest I ran years ago on here....no I'm not running another one, with today's shipping rates, ugh......)


This is where I'm going to work on 3D printed terrain pieces for Star Wars Legion, most of which currently are going to be spaceships.  Because why use generic terrain when you can be shooting Rebel Scum hiding behind X-wings and the like?


Up first is this:


All the FDM bits are there, but most of the resin bits (guns, ramp, interior) are still in a bin waiting to have their supports removed and cured.

I figured I should get a thread started as maybe that will get me over that initial hurdle of actually starting.  This has all been printed for a week or two and just sitting there....plus I'm gonna need that airbrush booth for other things sooner or later....


I will, of course, be attempting to make this look somewhat like the original episode 5 version, not some retconned prequel sillyness.


Now to go listen to some Prism.

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12 minutes ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

To bad my desk can't do that......:blink:

I have the same problem, despite my desk being 8' wide....  Which is going to make things interesting when I eventually get a Pace booth, because that's a good 8" wider than my current one, but also has a LOT more suction...


3D print a new desk for the booth?

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5 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

I have the same problem, despite my desk being 8' wide....  Which is going to make things interesting when I eventually get a Pace booth, because that's a good 8" wider than my current one, but also has a LOT more suction...


3D print a new desk for the booth?

First I'd need to 3D print an addition on to my painting room...

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Got around to removing supports of some resin bits for it and test fitted some in the cockpit.


Apparently clear resin on white paper towel is hard for my phone to photograph....

The resin bits fit great in the cockpit. I'll be reprinting the, umm, middle curved bit there as the supports on the ends had some issues. (it would probably be fine, but I will reprint anyway).

I looked at the pic the creator (Order 66 on Gumroad btw)  had posted of the interior and found a a couple of bits I'd missed so I'll be printing those out.  Also noticed a bit in the pic that doesn't seem to be included so I messaged him and he's looking into it; he's not sure he ever printed it....
Anyway, I've got to pop all of those under the lamp for a few minutes.


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And we're off....



This will be the bottom, since it will be landed, so not a lot of detail, just the main bits. Since I didn't print this with super high detail (I think it was at 0.2 layers) there is a bit of wiggle room with alignment,  and the big piece on the right seems to have curved a bit as there is a gap on either side.  Once the glue is good and dry I'll go in with some Apoxie Sculpt and fill those in, then even up the joins some on this side (the other side won't be visible).

BTW, my mat is in inches, with half inch squares, so that gives you an idea of size.


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