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14-18th Twitch Schedule

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Monday 12-14
RTB Pro-Tips  - 
Miniature Monday - Sophie!

Tuesday 12-15
RTB Pro-Tips -

The Crow's Nest 

Wednesday 12-16
RTB ProTips 
Brinewind Studios Presents: Miniatures Den -Come hang out with Miniatures Den as we chill and paint! 

Thursday 12-17
RTB ProTips - 
Painting Platinum - Working on the New Years Sophie.
ReaperLive - Another week with the Reaper Crew!

Friday 12-18
RTB ProTips -
ReaperLand - Reapers Community show! 
Bones 5 Live Update - Check out production showcases and get the update live before it gets posted on KS! 


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1 hour ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

So, I assume from the internet issues  you guys had last night, there was no contest draw?

Correct, we decided to not risk our equipment ETC witht he constant going down and rebooting of the power! 

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