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Lizardmen Archers (06046)

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19 minutes ago, nihilville said:

After painting a bunch of orcs I was pretty sick of green skin tones, so these Lizardmen Archers are blue.

Always good to have a palette cleanser when a project has you burned out.  Besides switching colors, I often switch from painting hordes of similar things, to a few unique things.  Or from several small things to one big one.  My favorites are the quick and easy minis to quickly get from start to finish after a long project.


21 minutes ago, nihilville said:

Also, why they got to be Lizard "men" Reaper?

Perhaps the more gender neutral "folk" is copyrighted.  Plus apparently the alternative is to slap some mammalian breasts on them like with the Nagendra XD


23 minutes ago, nihilville said:

I only painted 2 out of this 4 lizardfolk set, and was planning on painting the other two in about a year or so to track any improvements in my skill level.

This is such a useful practice.  I haven't ever intentionally set out to paint something as a scale of improvement, but I've painted similar things with a year's gap and it's always such a surprise by the amount of improvement you can make in such a short amount of time.  There are minis i painted a year ago that I thought I couldn't top, and now they seem simply average.  This hobby continues to amaze me.  It'll be cool to look back on these in a year after you paint the next set!

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I love reptilians!

Good job!


It's pretty clear, the one with the loincloth is a male ( he's hiding something) while the female doesn't need to..

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Really nice and popping colors!


Great idea on following progress. I just got a mini, that I painted some 10-15 years ago. It's always nice to see, what kind of progress (if any) has happened.

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      Last year I backed the Lost Kingdoms Miniatures Cuetzpal Kickstarter.
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      Good morning everybody and Happy New Year!
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      From the Bones 1 core set, a basic lizardman with typically primitive stone spear and turtle shell shield. This mini has good quality details, especially seeing as this is an early softish bones model.

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      One of my goals this year is to work through my pile of unpainted Bones from all the kickstarters.  First up, a mini that was used as a test piece and then put back to gather dust for a few years.  It was painted fairly quickly using glaze technique, which helped keep me from fussing over the details. One mini off the shelf of shame (or rather, out of the plastic box of shame).


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