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2D6 vs D12 - reasoning?


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Does anyone know the reasoning for moving fom the D12 attack roll to 2D6?  The 2D6 bell curve has some interesting probability mechanics, however it makes rolling for multiple weapons at once more difficult and slows  dwn the game in my experience.  It's one of the things I dislike most about battletech.  Without loads of different dice colors, everything has to be rolled 1 by 1.  It's not as bad in CAV with most units only having 1-4 weapons, but still slows things down.  Without head shots on a 12 or a crit on center torso on snake eye, or specific hit location, I don't see much of a need for 2D6 in CAV.


Was the only reason that D6s are more common, or were there other reasons I'm not seeing or aware of?

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