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Dr Boom

It's a Clown-off ! (50245 Bonzo the Killer Clown vs 50247 Zonkers, Killer Clown)

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Trigger warning for Coulrophobics . . .


After the Cave Bear scooped the pool for the rights to play Bardolph the Performing Bear, it's time to find someone to play Jellicoe Bounce-Bounce, the psychotic clown from Mistress Dusklight's Celestial Menagerie. Luckily, Chronoscope comes through with two worthy candidates.


Firstly, Bonzo, who bears a striking resemblance to a certain cinematic clown we'll call Centsmarts. I really hate painting white, however this gave me an opportunity to play with the pale pink of the greasepaint, a cool white for his undershirt and a warm white for his pants and ruffles. Nasty looking piece of work, especially those teeth . . .




Next up is Zonkers, who despite being described as a "Killer Clown" has a much more friendly disposition. I painted him more according to Jellicoe's art in the published adventure, however I don't think he carries the same psychotic demeanour.




Vote below - which clown needs to be sent in against the party?

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I also vote for number 2 - but these are both fantastic, especially how you gave life to the faces even as they are clown white

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