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Prehistoric Life I sculpted myself


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12 hours ago, snitchythedog said:

There were also several herbivorous mammal like reptiles with sail backs.




Together with Dimetrodon during the Permian Era, way before the Dinosaurs evolved, before the Great Dying.

I love that period, such strange creatures.


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Thank you for the replies and kind words. 
I am so happy that my sculpt inspired this conversation on sailed back synapsids! The permian was an interesting period (Suminia)and the following great dying allowed for life to experiment in interesting ways (e.g. Tanystropheus, Sharovipteryx). 


21 hours ago, 72moonglum said:

The beginning of a certainly very illustrious sculpting career!

One can hope. Experimenting with sculpting a figure from scratch real shows the amount of skills professional sculptors have, it is nothing as simple as moving a figure with green stuff.

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