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In a glen among the trees

Lies a bush on the ground

Its ferns ruffled by a light breeze

And its roots spread through a mound

I will now hold court

It will be short

So let me be brief

Who defaced my leaf?


The scribble and scratch of the old man’s pen

Filled the small glen

The court was in session

It would not end before a confession


It was not I

I saw it with mine own eye

It was the one in the red hat

That little gnat


The accused toyed with his beard

Among mortals he was feared

But even he would not dare

That he could swear 


Two red caps waved through the air

One of the wearers was a fibber 

But which one of the pair

For none yet gibber 




One of the things I learned when painting this set is that stippling works really well for frog (and amphibian) skin. Overall the were a joy to paint, thought I do wonder if 15mm dwarves and elves would not be a lot more cost effective if I ever want a lot of small folk.

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