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Yippers and Squealers : 28mm Pigfaced Goblins and Dogfaced Kobolds : Free mini at 7K

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I'm backing this because the kobolds look more like Scottish terriers! ::):


$100 level has 40+ miniatures and FREE USA shipping!


RBJ Game Company has created 18 KS projects, mostly miniatures. Let me know your experience with them if you backed before.







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Oy, these look mighty nice. Actually characterful, not just rank and file, despite the numbers. I can't this year, but luckily next year is just around the corner and I might be able to go in on this before it's run its course.


EDIT: Ah, bloody hell, ends on the 31st, not the 1st. That'll be a problem.

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Reposting from KS comments:


Wow! Just received mine today. Need to do inventory, but, living in CA, the package took only a few days from IN. Big difference compared to other KS, where the miniatures are made overseas and take weeks to ship. Also, no major delays, drama, or other KS worries on the backer's part -- hope things went reasonably well for the creator.


Terriers are a clever way of interpreting kobolds, who were indeed dog-faced back in AD&D or so. And, of course, orcs were sculpted with pig-faces, and some sculpts still have them that way. I really do like the whimsical sculpts, as they add to my over-burgeoning collection of generic fantasy miniatures. As much as I like generic fantasy, my collection is filled up with the conventional orc, goblin, kobold, etc. sculpts and I normally don't buy them anymore.


Hopefully, RBJ's next project will capture a way to get another $100+ out of my wallet. Maybe even contact the Oathmark / Osprey folks and have a Yipper crossover with the Burrows and Badgers skirmish game. Even have those pesky Hareballs as an uncontrolled threat on the board that both players have to be wary of...!

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