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The Death Knight Rises


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The Death Knight Rises

To me there's only one true fallen paladin who, deceived by the darkest forces, broke his oath and became a paragon of hatred and terror. But, I am into classic TTRPGs, so I wanted to rethink the concept. Boris Woloszyn, amazing sculptor that he is, took over and has transformed this idea into a remarkable sets of miniatures.


The Miniatures

There are only two. The Minion is 32mm scale and the Fallen Paladin measures 40mm to the top of his head.They will get cast in the crispest of resins. They come unassembled and without bases. 


The Paladin - doing a gentle spin

project video thumbnail

The Minions


The Pledge Levels

There are two. Ones comes with only the Death Knight, the other comes with the Death Knight and two minions.

The price for only the Death Knight is 15CA$, the set with 1 Death Knight and 2 minions is 35CA$ (less than 30US$). 

Backerkit will charge max. 14CA$ for postage on top of that.


Stretch Goals

We have one and I will unlock it if we reach 10K.



We will open a backer kit pledge manager for those that want some extra minis, and we make sure to drop all the suitable Boris stuff in there too.


I want to give you a little preview what to expect in terms of add-on's.


There will be this well known lot sculpted by Boris. 10C$ each. (In case you want to top up to find out what 10K will bring)


And there will be some 3D printed things (20 Microns, they paint like casts).


1. This lad and his little buddy, because dwarves and gobbos. 8CA$


2. 3 Halflings on a rampage. 2 female 1 male, because. Also - kettle jump pack. The pacK of 3 plus 2 steam bases will be 20 C$


I still have more to throw into the mix, but I need to re-watch that episode now.  


Thanks again!

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I was going to say that someone loves Star Wars. 

those helmets are definitely storm troopers, and the one with the crossbow is boba fett. 

the really tall one looks like the robotic assassin when Vader says, “and no disintegrations...”

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3 hours ago, Balgin Stondraeg said:

Wearing the iconic medieval Italian Barbute helmet that so many Star Wars fans think is something someone designed back around the year I was born.

We can agree to disagree on the intent of the creator ::D:

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