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Thunderbolt Mountain/Ral Partha Legacy Wood Elf Lord, sculpted by Tom Meier

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9 hours ago, Rigel said:

Incredible work on a tiny canvas! Looks properly regal and haughty, as elves do.

Thank you Rigel! Yeah, it's pretty small, at least the face and eyes. I have to admit, I like a good Jim Johnson eye for the working space, but it's hard to beat Tom Meier's realistic proportions!

8 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

That yellow/golden cloak looks amazing!

I agree with @Rigel he looks so haughty, actually he looks like a real snotty Elf, I want to punch him!


Which means you did a brilliant job here!

Now where is the Elf Marinade so my wolves can feast?

I think if a miniature inspires success violent reactions, I've done my job!

4 hours ago, Metalchaos said:

Beautiful work on yet another amazing sculpture. Again, I love how you managed to show off all the adornments.

Now I wonder, is he courting the Lady Wood Elf or are they the righteous ruler of a lush Elven colony?

I actually kind of wondered if these two elves aren't maybe supposed to represent Galadriel and Celeborn?


Or maybe they are just part of an Elven hippy commune!

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    • By 72moonglum
      Hello all you mortals hanging from this Reaper coil!
      So tonight is another Tom Meier miniature, from his Arthurian range, which is now once again available at Ral Partha Legacy, the Lady of the Lake.  I'm really starting to get into these figures even with their small sizes and petite little heads. These are true 25 mm figures.  Got a few more kind of schedule to work on in the near future as well:

      and a close up of her face, which, with my new iPhone I can apparently get very close up:

      and a back view:

      The only bummer about this one was I made her what I thought was going to be a nice little base, because she doesn't come on a base.  You can either glue her to a small square metal base or create something.  So I did a base which had "water" at the edge.  After I got it done and it dried though, I tried to get her on it, and her cloak was so long and straight across, I couldn't get it to accommodate itself to the base in a flat way to make it look good.  So I just threw some putty on another base, let it dry, and then just painted if simple blues.
      Her color scheme itself is some pretty monotone colors, lots of blues, with just the flowers in her hair to have some bursts of color. 
      Anyway, hope you enjoy!
    • By 72moonglum
      Good evening Reaper Hoppers and Poppers,
      So I just finished this miniature, who is a pretty small one. She's Gwenyvere, from Tom Meier's Arthurian line at Thunderbolt Mountain, currently being produced by Ral Partha Legacy.
      I just got a new iPhone, and I took the pictures with it.  I think the pictures came out really nicely, and have done an automatically good job on the exposure and all.  My concern is does the automization of the exposure make it any different than if I would have had to work a little bit with the exposure?

      To give a comparison, here is how my camera turned out:

      It's a lot darker.
      Anyhoos, looking for photographic opinions. 
      And to give you an idea of how small this figure it is, here she is in comparison to a US quarter:

    • By Metalchaos
      Hello everyone, here are pictures of a dragon I completed Yesterday. This is a Ral Partha 10-463, T'Char Dragon of The Flame and Fury sculpted by Sandra Garrity in 1992. I bought this model in 1993 and assembled it in 1995. It has been on a shelf all these years. It’s a pleasure to see it finally painted. This amazing sculpt is 175mm tall, almost 7 inches at the top of the wings. The original model comes with a nice base around which I added more rocks and branches. I made the flames with Liquitex heavy gel and 3d printed a 125mm wide base to complete the vignette. Nowadays, this 12-piece dragon is still available from Iron Wind Metals. I painted it exclusively with Reaper MSP paint.
      Here’s the list of colors I used;






















    • By 72moonglum
      Good evening all you Reaper Spirits!
      So just finished these two, that I think to belong in a single blister, but not quite sure.  Ral Partha High Elf fighters, a male and female.  With High Elves, I always have color issues, but end up invariably towards blues and grays.

      Just a few of a great number of elf figures Chris FitzPatrick sculpted for Partha back in the day!
    • By Kangaroorex
      Two dragons from 2 different times, done with the same colors.  Basically I had both of these on the table and I decided to just use the same palette for both
      First up:  the Panther dragon from Ral Partha.  This guy is a long snakey one, his tail was very difficult to get to but overall fun to paint.  This mini just seems to ooze stealth as she slips round alleys and empty streets making people disappear.  This miniature has been sitting on my shelf for decades because I liked the art and the figure but I just didn't know what to do with it.  I finally just broke down and said I am going to paint this!

      Then on the flip side is the Treasure Rocky.  This little tyke has acquired his first hoard and he is insanely protective  and proud.  
      And he should be.  I was looking at the reaper store and he and most of his pals are sold out, again!  These are just a joy to paint and I 
      love painting them.  they are just so entertaining and so full of character that no matter what color you add to them or what you put them in 
      they have to shine!

      Hope you enjoy them!
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