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Having painted her favourite lion Leandrus, I had to get a mini to pass for Danika the Daring, cruel animal trainer at Mistress Dusklight's celestial menagerie. Danika is one of a trio of former fellow performers to pester the party (alongside the psychotic clown Jellicoe Bounce-Bounce and fire breather Viktor Volkano) and challenge them to a performance duel. Not much in the way of female lion tamer miniatures freely available at short notice, however one of the versions of Vermina seemed to fit the bill. I already have the "Rat Queen" Vermina (SKU 50139), so this one I could paint up fairly close to the way she is portrayed in the published adventure ("The Show Must Go On", the first adventure in Pathfinder's Extinction Curse adventure path). I didn't want to remove her rats, so I'm just going with the rats being some tasty treats to train her cats with. She doesn't look happy, but I'm just putting that down to the time she ran into the party when they made their escape from the Celestial Menagerie in Session 0.



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