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RN Estudio's Captain Quidd & Asgard Rising Chieftain Aidda Shieldmaiden


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I took a hiatus painting Dance of Death to start painting some minis I had printed for me from Etsy. The Sheildmaiden is for my wife for Christmas (along with a Clay Cyanide Miniatures Thor). The Captain Quidd is from RN Estudio's patreon. I actually didn't know if I liked the Captain Quidd from the renders, I saw it had potential, and for the price to have it printed for me I figured it was worth taking a chance. I got the minis on Thursday and was absolutely ecstatic about the Quidd once I saw it in person! Was one of those minis that when I saw it for the first time I knew exactly how I wanted to paint it! The only thing I wasn't sure of was the beard and hair, but after painting everything else, I noticed that I actually liked it as the white that I used for the primer, so I went with that. The dark skin and red eye really works well with the rest of the colors!'






Shieldmaiden Chieftain




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Thanks! Was a lot of fun painting them! Thor is going really well now too, and hopefully will have some pics of him tonight (as I need to package him and the shield maiden up so I can wrap them for Christmas!).


16 hours ago, Morihalda said:

I love those tentacle colors! My husband just printed that same captain for himself and his brother bought the pirate girl from him to be printed too haha. I also like your golds and browns on the shieldmaiden.


I wasn't sure about Quidd until I got him in person, the render was intriguing, but I could see when I bought it how it might not translate to mini form very well.... man was I glad I was wrong! So far it's the best mini I feel I bought from this batch to be honest!


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