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5e creature sub for gingerbread soldiers?

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I know I want them as a golem, so they'll get some traits, like a clay golem, but I'm drawing a blank on these guys. Any ideas what I can use as a "chassis" for these? As they aren't part of the adventure but I absolutely love the files I got off MMF for em.


Party of 3 will be 8th level each. I figure they might be in a room laying down, sort of a storage room awaiting orders (the party is in Hell, btw). Once they enter the room, they'll come to life & fight the party. I thought about putting Snowflake (Rudolph mis-understood cousin) in there with em. I'm going to re-skin a minotaur for him.

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10 minutes ago, lowlylowlycook said:

I have no idea about their rules but the Stained Glass golem from the Kickstarter came immediately to mind.


I'm not even sure if there is a Stained Glass golem in any 5e book right now.


Flesh not Clay golem as I said before, looks nice, other then it's a bit overpowered, especially if I send 6 or 8 of these things at a party of 3. I'm not sure about the lightning absorption part. I like the fact that they can absorb some type of damage, but what thou. Flesh golems also have fire aversion as well. I'm not sure these guy would have that. I could use that as the absorption bit.


I wanna factor in a "burnt cookie" effect, maybe even upping their AC if they are hit with fire. I may even do a weakness of water or liquid ie "cookie crumbles" effect.


I've even looked at the bearded devil as well. Definitely have to change some things with that one, but it has the HP I'd like 54 vs 80something for flesh golems.

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I ended up using the reduced threat flesh golem. Since my pcs didn't have fire or lightning i really didn't need to tweak anything for the encounter.


The encounter also featured Snowflake, Rudolph's disgruntled cousin but he was his break & wanted to finish it before laying into the pcs. I gave him a 30% chance each round, he came in on rd 3. He was a re-skinned Minotaur without the labyrinth recall.

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