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Box of Goodwill round 10 sign up thread


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Location: Columbus, Ohio

International: Maybe (shipping out of the country is really sketchy and hard right now)

Box Starter: Maybe?  Let me see if I have enough to throw one together


Also, please keep big, weird shape toy pieces out of the boxes.. it makes them really difficult to repack

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Chaoswolf sez: > As before, please provide the following info in your replies to this thread:


Where you live: Santa Fe, New Mexico

If you'd be willing to ship internationally (more expensive) No

If you want to be a box starter Yes, and if there is interest I would be willing to start a pirate themed box



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I'm in I guess. Last time the great pandemic lockdowns happened right about the time I got the box. It Could only get better, right?


Where you live: 

Central Time Zone

If you'd be willing to ship internationally (more expensive) 

No, but willing to wait patiently for box inbound from another continent

If you want to be a box starter 

No, can't manage that


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I'm In


where do i live:

southern Indiana

would you be willing to ship internationally:

I would rather not, but if you need someone to push it out there, I will

Do you want to be a box starter:

No.  There are plenty of others.


Let's all have a great new year!!!

For any international boxes I suggest they start with someone outside the US (maybe who every has the UK box?)  ship to the US let it travel round and then ship back out at the end of its run.  Given shipping times internationally, if the box goes out to another country in the middle there could be a serious transit delay.  Maybe start the international boxes a week or 2 early?  Just some thoughts and suggestion, listen only if you want to...



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