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Box of Goodwill round 10 picture/chatter thread


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Speaking of Darklings, I recently had a encounter of 6 of them in a large but dark subterranean tunnel. One PC had a torch, anther was hidden (rogue) that left the sorcerer pretty much by himself.  He had 8 summoned panthers so I sent 2 on 1 of those, but the rest I sent to the sorcerer. 


Since they went for him, they got advantage & that kicked in their bonus damage, he took around 30 to 40 pts of damage, lost his panthers & he misty stepped out & was pretty much done for the combat except for fire bolt spell.


Again, this is the guy that complains 5e isn't deadly enough & then whines when I don't offer healing spells amongst common folk....<_<


I'm gonna go through the box today, kinda of a busy weekend. Ill have it out by Thursday this week for sure.

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11 hours ago, pcktlnt said:

This Thread has a significant lack of pictures. :-(

Edit dash – – I am not saying that in a serious tone. Just in case. I do not know how to purple font with speech to text.



I was beginning to think that too.  Where's everyone's photos of their hauls?!  How do you expect us all to live vicariously?? ::):

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Really hope I'm doing this image insertion right! It's been a while!


What we picked! The bag on the left of little mouse figures is going to be used for a mouse guard game (might have that name wrong, but you get the idea) that my friend has been wanting to run! The war dancer ladies are also extremely cool looking, but my personal favorite is ...


BABY YODA! I don't know if Inarah printed these, (there are more 3D prints in the box of various things) but I love him :wub: I'm already debating paint colors so I can put him right by my computer


 Hoping to send the box out on my once weekly venture out into the Plaguelands which I'm currently thinking will be Thursday, but since we just got six inches of snow we'll see. Maybe my new friend can force clear some of it for me ::D:



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Yes, the black 3d printed stuff was done by my husband for the box. Glad you liked baby Yoda, DH is not a fan but I thought others might be. Also glad to see the wardancers find a home, they were cool but I didn't need that many of them....



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What I took from the @pcktlnt box!

Some Bones Yetis, dude, and an alien doctor! 

Some metal minis and a coffin. 

Some Bretonnian archers. 

A tiny drybrush and some barbed wire. 

A "Turtle Monk" from Dark Sword Miniatures - but it's actually not, it's a Turtle Wizard and Apprentice. https://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/tortoise-wizard-with-apprentice/

And 15 Mechwarrior vehicles I'll be repurposing as scatter terrain for BattleTech. 







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