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Clay Cyanide Miniatures Thor


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I apologize for the lack of focus in the pictures, for some reason my camera wouldn't focus on the whole miniature instead of either the lightning bolts or the body.... I'm pretty happy with this, and I think my wife is going to love getting it along with the shieldmaiden! I contemplated doing an additional drybrush of white on the lightning, but after testing a small area decided against it as it sort of cluttered it a bit too much. I tried my hand at some freehand on the base where the lightning touches the ground, and I also made the eyes yellow like they were glowing, although it doesn't show very well in the pictures due to the light washing it out. I've got some other minis I got from the person who printed this for me, like Set (Egyptian god), a wizard, and a dragon, but those I'm going to paint after I finish Dance of Death. Critiques always welcome!









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