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Happy Holidays (Mr. Bones)

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    • By Ratmaster2000
      So while I was doing the insane Mousling project, I painted up Mr. Bones (along with Garrick AKA Sir Forscale) to test out how the Matte Finish would lay down (I was going to test through an airbrush, but I got short on time, so it just ended up straight from the bottle brush painted, maybe next time haha). This is the finished paint job, though I do not think I had hit it with the Matte yet.
      As always, C&C is appreciated. Overall, I was really happy with how he turned out.

    • By Lorathorn
      Here is a painted up Mr. Bones. I am gearing up to do a paint job on a paladin for a character I am playing in a 5e D&D game. Wish me luck on that one!

    • By Lorathorn
      Doing some prep work for the next batch of paints I'm set to do.

    • By OneBoot
      My second miniature ever, and my very first KS mini! It's just a rat, but I'm quite happy with the results. My WIP is posted here. (Note: the last picture was taken before I'd tidied up around the toes on his back feet; the top 2 pictures are the ones that were taken last.)




      --OneBoot :D
    • By Guindyloo
      I've been extraordinarily busy with work and my weekends have been nearly as busy, so I hadn't been able to make the time to do much more than lurk here on the forums and I certainly hadn't had any time to paint. However, I am very much trying to change that and fortunately I have all of you to inspire me!
      I wanted to ease myself back in with something fun to paint without too many fiddly details going on, so I wound up with my friend, Mr. Bones.
      Here he is with the standard Brown Liner all over and Linen White drybrushed:
      Then I decided to start with the cloak. The basecoat was an even mix of P3 Iosan Green & P3 Meredius Blue with just a touch of Brown Liner mixed in:

      Next up was shading, which I did with a mix of the P3 Meredius Blue and Reaper Twilight Purple:
      And then I did some highlighting with various mixes of Reaper Jade Green, Reaper Moth Green & Reaper Linen White:
      I think he's looking pretty good so far and it felt really, really good to get some paint on a mini again. Hopefully I'll have the time to work on him some more this weekend and I'm thinking about carving out some time on one weeknight every week to paint as well.
      I didn't realise until I uploaded the photos that I missed a little part of cloak between his belt and the handle of his shovel. How typical. 
      As always, comments and critiques are very welcome! I'm thinking about doing a green glaze (probably the original basecoat mix) over the whole thing to tie it all together...what do you guys think?
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