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Lighting and Photography: The $10 LED light

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Whenever I see advice on lighting, what I don't see are these $10 LED lights that you can find on Amazon or Walmart. The light is strong, the lamps are portable, and they're cheap.


Here's what I like about them and what you should look out for:

* Light and portable. That means you can put them on your desk anywhere you want, so you have the right angle and strength of light to paint. You can also take photos somewhere else besides your crowded desk!

* Different light strengths. This means you can find the right light for your miniature photography. Remember to use indirect light.

* Gooseneck: This lets you further adjust the angle of the light.

* Low battery: Look for a light that tells you when the battery is low. Unfortunately, my LED light doesn't, so I still use my desk lamp.


This won't beat a light arch or other desk lamp, but the portability and additional light can really help your painting and photography. You can even use the light somewhere else in the house!


EDIT: I should mention I've been using this instead of a flashlight when I need direct lighting in an inconvenient space, namely plugging in usb cables into printers. The gooseneck means you can focus the light without the distance and angle of a flashlight and, of course, you get a free hand, too. I suspect it can be useful when working under the car hood. 



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