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Go home Aya, you're drunk! (Octoberfest Aya WIP)

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Working on something new.

I don't paint many large scale minis, so thought I'd make a thread.




Like all the newer Kingdom Death holiday releases, you get a large display mini and a smaller gaming mini, in this case it's range regular Aya as some sort of adventuring barmaid.

I made a little start to the larger Aya:-




Working on her barrel as it will involve lots of messy drybrushing. So far the barrel has had a basecoat of Parasite Brown/Ochre Yellow, the barrel stand is a base of Parasite Brown/Scarlett Red and the fancy end is Bronze. It then all got a good coat of Brown Wash.

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On 12/25/2020 at 1:03 AM, SisterMaryNapalm said:

It's quite late for Oktoberfest, but as the guys in Bavaria say: "O'zapft is'". I am looking forward to seeing what you'll make out of her.






Everything got a drybrush of its basecoat. Then the metal end got a drybrush of Bronze/Chrome and some Satin Varnish, while the wood bits got a drybrush of Ochre Yellow and a Sepia Wash.

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Trying something new this time. Started with a base of Dwarf Flesh, then sloshed the Flesh Wash on, but only on the smaller areas, on the larger areas of skin (namely their legs) I only used the Wash in recesses and and the edges. 

Now to see if this makes the skin less prone to blotching.

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More skin!

Finished the skin with highlights of of Dwarf Flesh and Dwarf Flesh/Light Flesh (And blended in with some thinned Dwarf Flesh).

She also got eyes (Sort of, Big Aya is enormous why are her eyes still so hard to paint?) and Old Rose lips.


I also tried glazing some Bloody Red into Big Ayas cheeks but it didn't really work as her mutton chops (Do women have mutton chops?) were in the way, so I may repaint that bit.

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Finally made some progress:-




Repainted big Ayas face to remove my poor attempt at glazing, also used a bit of Flesh Wash on little Aya to give her more of a mouth.

Then I did their hair (Warlord Purple > Warlord Purple/Squid Pink > Warlord Purple/Squid Pink/Off-white > Purple Wash) and hair ribbons (Andrea Blue > Andrea Blue/Off-white > more Off-white outlined with some Black Wash).

Unfortunately, I didn't realise little Aya got some Purple Wash in her eye, so that needs fixing now.




Next, I did their stocking and blouse (Ghost Grey > Grey Wash > Ghost Grey > Ghost Grey/Off-white > more Off-white).

Just need to do the decorations on those areas now.

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On 1/5/2021 at 4:11 PM, Glitterwolf said:

I would have a drink with her!!! :wub:



This is the Kingdom Death universe though, so any sort of date night is guaranteed to end very badly and probably fatally!


Little bit of progress:-




Little Aya got some more Andrea Blue bows and ribbons, a pink bit on her blouse (Squid Pink/Off-white > extra Off-white), Leather Brown gloves with Bronze bracers (and garter).

I also fixed her eye.




Big Aya got the same (where the same was applicable, it's weird how the outfits on both are almost, but not quite, identical), she also got Squid Pink undies.

I should've left off her right arm as there's one tiny area of her bum/undies I can't quite reach, it's only visible from one specific angle though, so I'm going to try and not let it bother me.


Next will be Little Aya's skirt and then the apron on both, when my hands are less shaky. 

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On 1/7/2021 at 3:15 PM, Glitterwolf said:









Little Aya got a Magic Blue skirt (Magic Blue > Black Wash > Magic Blue > Magic Blue/Ghost Grey > Thinned Magic Blue glaze).

Both Aya's then got an apron (Ochre Yellow/Iraqi Sand > Sepia Wash > Ochre Yellow/Iraqi Sand > Ochre Yellow/Iraqi Sand/Off-white) and another Andrea Blue bow.


Next, fancy shoes.

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On 1/13/2021 at 2:01 PM, Samedi said:

I love your smooth blending.


Thanks! It's all a bit rougher in hand though.


Finally managed a bit more (The cold weather is really doing a number on my hands at the mo, so I've been sorting my minis instead of painting them).





These are Magic Blue and Stone Grey with Iraqi Sand laces. Big Aya also gets Iraqi Sand furry cuffs and some Bronze decorations.

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Woot! Progress!





This session was all about the bits and pieces.

Using the same wood recipe as the big barrel I painted the little barrel, sword handle (little Aya) and serving tray (Big Aya).

Oily Steel on the sword blade (little Aya), tray rim (big Aya) and beer mugs (both Ayas).

Bronze on the decorations (both Ayas) and little Aya's lantern.


Now the hard part, figuring out how to paint spilt beer.

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Little Aya got some Sky Blue in her lantern to finish her off.

Big Aya got some Iraqi Sand > Sepia Wash for the foam in her beer mug, and then did her spilt beer in Saddle Brown/Ochre Yellow > Bonewhite drybrush > Brown Wash > Sepia Wash > Gloss Varnish.

Doesn't look much like beer, but it's close enough.


Just the bases to go.

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