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5 hours ago, Fencig said:

nice job on a very unique model


pretty dark story though....................I like it :)


Thanks, I like to come up with some background story for my minis, glad you like it.

Heroes Infinite is the 3D part of Raging Heroes, I like a lot of their style but you do need to tinker with the supports.

The Presupported files are actually bad, lots of islands which will cause failures if you don't add some supports there.

But they make awesome designs.



1 hour ago, Kangaroorex said:

Nice mini!  I really need to paint up some of the ones I have but they are tedious to put together and rather fragile.  I'm hoping that the print fixes some of that.  I like the story too!


This is one piece, so no problem with assembly.

I only have 3D files from Heroes Infinite/Raging Heroes, no physical minis because I've heard bad things about their own resin and assembling the minis seems to be a pain.

Printing them yourself is awesome but you will need a resin printer for these.

FDM will probably not cut it.

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    • By Ryan S
      Hi, I want to start this to get me motivated to get some accountability and hopefully guilt myself into working. So here is the very first of hopefully many steps.
      The first step is to prime the miniature, I've done that, the 2nd step? To photograph the miniature to capture the volumes of real light that shows where I want my light source. For this I want two light sources. So really that means I just used my computer screen and my ceiling light, adjust the miniature to taste and get the angle I want to set the light.
      The screen light is whiter and will be the light from outside the window, the yellower ceiling light will be my tavern fire light and will be the primary light source.
      The skin will be fairly shiny so this is pretty much a mandatory process to get those realistic sheens....because I'm literally stealing form reality it helps a lot. If I were a better painter I could fake the light sources with enough knowledge. Thankfully  I have some serious shadows on the model, and my mid tones will have a lot of room for blending.
      The problem now? Picking my colors.
      What do I know? I know the floor is wood colored and the axe/haft materials
      I know that I'm going to want off white and pinks for eye whites and gums teeth etc.
      The gold of the primer is actually a really beautiful color for a fantasy creature, so I might see if I can't keep that.
      So Gold, pink, whites/off whites, and browns, I don't know if I want a two toned or patterned beholder. I think this is gonna be a challenge whatever I do. I think I want to go for a fleshy color

    • By Rahz
      Wanted to try my hand at something a little different and bigger so I found something fun that I knew my daughter would appreciate.  I got a ton of hugs for it today, so I must have done alright.  
      Prime and initial zenithal was done by airbrush and in keeping with my current process a lot of acrylic mini paints (Vallejo, Reaper, WarColour and GW) glazed or dry brushed on followed by oil washes, then more acrylic dry brushes and then more oil washes.  I LOVE Nightmare Black!!  
      I wish I had kept it appart to paint it as the crossed legs made things complicated on more than a couple occasions.  Also should have painted the neck area the same colour as her leotard…. Not sure but I think it would have been better.   Base, cape, body and head were painted separately but I should have kept the hands, legs and boots to paint on their own.   

      close up of the books.  Doing the gold lettering AFTER I’d painted the rest of the base was not my best idea.. tried to give them a worn look.  

      lastly a quick shot of the base WIP with a Chaos Marine volunteer for scale.  

      thanks for looking. 
    • By MojoBob
      This is Miguel Zavala's redesigned Umber Hulk, printed on my Mars Pro and painted with Vallejo acrylics.
      It's a monster I haven't used much, if at all, in my own campaign, but my favourite character of old, Sir Fnord the Pretty Neat died of them twice, both times by having his head ripped clean off.
    • By Glitterwolf
      Reaper's Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa, painted as a Vampire.
      WIP Here:
      The town was in awe, tonight the famous opera singer Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa would perform in the theater.
      She was able to sing notes so high glasses would burst.
      Coming from a long line of famous singers, her mother, her grandmother and her great grandmother all performed as singers, and Delour kept the tradition going.
      Some found it a bit eerie how she looked exactly like her mother who in turn looked exactly like Delour's grandmother.
      One might even think they were the same person, which was ridicilous of course.
      Tonight the whole town would be there.
      The Visbaronetess had a quirk, she would only perform at night, she felt it was the best time for her voice to be heard.
      A few mothers were a bit concerned about their sons.
      It was rumoured that sometimes young men got so enthralled by Delour's singing that they never returned from a show, it was thought that they gave everything up to follow the Visbaronetess to all her shows.
      Evil tongues told a different story, accusing the poor star of being a vampire who killed some of her fans to drink their blood staying young forever.
      Probably just jealous talk, something famous people will always have to deal with.
      The Visbaronetess appeared on stage enthralling everyone with her voice.
      A marvellous performance.
      The next day she was gone, having left town.heading for another performance elsewhere.
      And again, two young men had vanished, again she had made fans for life who had given up everything to follow her.
      Or did she?

    • By MoonglowMinis
      I've got a dozen tiny minis to BUG you with today!

      A few months ago I purchased these Hell Wasp prints for use as giant flies in Rangers of Shadow Deep.  The sculpts are from Rocket Pig Games and carefully printed at this delicate scale by K2C2 Creations.  The tiny size came in a set of 12 so I painted them all a little different to get some variety.

      Giant Flies

      My original purpose for these guys was as flies in ROSD.  To give them some stability and variety I based them on 20mm bases. In each set of 3, one got based standing, one got based leaning, and a third was placed on higher ground.  This seemed to break up uniformity.  I also painted to different styles of flies.

      The first was the House Fly

      These guys are mostly grey with a bit of brown fuzz on their backs. 
      More photos beneath spoiler:
      The second set of flies was painted as Blow Flies

      These guys are a bit more green.  Though having recently had an infestation of these guys, I wish I had made them more metallic.  Yuck.
      More photo below:

      Since I had so many of these guys, I decided to mix up the second half.

      One set got painted Red to work as Red Paper Wasps, or as decent Stirge stand-ins.

      I quite enjoy the little skull on the one base.
      More photos below:

      And the final group got painted in classic Yellow Jacket stripes.

      Bees?  BEES! Ready for a deadly stinging encounter.
      More photos below:
      These guys were tiny and fragile and tedious.  I kept them simple to get through them all and they still used up all my painting time for a month.  Lost a few limbs while basing but hopefully the slightly larger bases will give me something easier to grab during games.  I wish I had stood back more while working on these and upped the contrast.  They're fine, but their details are so small that it would have been more worthwhile to get a stronger impact from arm's length.

      What use would you have for these little critters?
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