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Merry Christmas - Snowman ornament


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A Merry Christmas and Happy holiday season to you!


Here's an ornament I painted for our tree.



It was 3D printed (Resin, on an Anycubic Photo Mono). I primed in White with Dupli-Color sandable primer, then inverse zenithal primed again with "Hot Rod grey".

I've largely left the primer untouched to retain the powdery look of the snow. I painted the clothing and eyes with Reaper "Coal Black." 

The hook and scarf trim were painted with reaper "Clockwork Brass" metallic. The rest of the sash and the hat ribbon were a craft paint metallic with the black undercoat.

The carrot is two coats of Reaper clear orange.


Best wishes to you and your family. Stay safe out there!


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