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Want to brag about my wife

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1 hour ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

Been a while since I was very active on Reaper, but I wanted to brag about my awesome wife and in-laws. Not only did my mother-in-law get me a laser cut wooden airship from my wishlist (already assembled on my display cabinet) and some scatter terrain I've had on the list, but my wife decided to go above and beyond our standard gift budgets and bought me an Elegoo Mars 3D Resin printer that I've been wanting and waiting for an opportunity in the budget to buy. I've already got some STLs from KS and other things in my computer waiting for the printer, so now I need to figure out the best place in the house to set it up and run it. Seriously. How awesome is my wonderful wife.^_^:wub:


That's awesome!!!!

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I'm not into the gaming scene, either...

I guess that would make her a perfect match.  :-)

(I'm only into it for the painting)  


Of course, whe would also have to like day-long hikes in the mountains, fried mackerel, fried herring, salted herring, and potato dumplings...  


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