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Christmas projects - not a wiz


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I tried using a new method in pushing as many purples as i could.  This worked really well for the color scheme. 


I had some trouble with getting the color of the scroll down.  Was really debating putting some writing on there, but decided to stop now while I felt like he was in a good spot.  I've been pushing my luck lately on a few of my projects and end up totally screwing them up.  I've been trying to find my point of no return and stopping before I cross it.  Seems like this guy was good where he's at.  


Things I learned:

1. Tried black lining on the back of the cape and recesses of the robe with black acrylic ink - WIN!

2.  Tried using a wash on the top of the hat and back of robe with Nuln Oil - Fail.  Had to go over and redo.  Finding I'm getting lack luster results with washes.  I've started adding flow aid to them for better results, but I just can't seem to wash like I see other people doing.  Weird?

3.  Kept to a single color palette over the whole scheme - purple.  Win.

4.  Didn't get too carried away with flesh tones.  Just did a barbarian AP skin tone and hit it with a thinned Agrax Earthshade - win.


I'm happy with the results thus far, but I may go back later to further improve him.  Not now though...  


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