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Hoarding - a Goblin adventure in painting


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I received my KS Goblin Brats and love them!  I'm going to have to figure out what to do with them and how i want to base them.  For the time being they are a blast to paint.  Each one has taught me something new.  The smaller details needed to get at them is good practice.  


The first one I did, I used a deeper color on the Goblin skin, but then used the actual color Goblin Skin from Vallejo.  I love the bright tone of it!  I attempted doing small highlights with yellow to bring the green forward, but I'm not sure about the results of it.  I've done two more since and been practicing on thinning a wash instead of going in layers.  It seems pretty much equal on all of them, so I think it comes down to preference.  One thing I am trying to work on is the glint in the eyes and trying to really use the bigger eyes as a means to get better at eye work.  I'm pretty happy with the results so far. 




Oh...i did learn another valuable lesson that nearly made me cry.  After putting careful attention to highlights and such, I was adding white color to the teeth.  In doing so, I accidently had some of it bleed on to the face and immediately went to wipe it off and this happened... (see photo).


I managed to add some layers back on, but to see the work get stripped away because I was too heavy handed made me walk away and resist doing a table flip.  It's all part of learning, right?



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