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Pegasus from Bones V -- sculpt J. Guthrie, paint D. Schubert


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Thanks, all!


@Darcstaar : Yes, every highlight on the feathers is a brushstroke.  tik-tik-tik-tik-tik... x1000 or more.   Several drops of the Reaper paint color Aged Bone.   I also did some washes/glazes.  I spent about 2 hours basecoating the wings (1 hour for the darker top surfaces, and 1 hour for the lighter bottom surfaces), then about 8 hours on the highlighting and shading.  There's a lot of area to cover.  Not as much as a Roc, say, but still quite a bit.


@PhantomAsh: Exactly!  There's no reason to limit yourself to white, given the great real-world range of colors for horses and birds ... plus any other color for a fantasy creature.  My High Elf army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles (25 years ago) included a general on a pegasus, and I painted it all black for a change.  The movie "Fantasia" (I watched it again last week) has adult pegasi that are white, black, gray, or purple, plus the cute foals in pastel colors.


@Iridil: That contrast in texture is ... at least partly intentional!  Real feathers don't have such deep texture but they look better sculpted that way on a miniature, so I gave most of these feathers only 1 or 2 layers of highlights plus some thin-paint lining between feathers, while the harder surfaces had several layers with higher highlights and darker shadows.


I'm looking forward to seeing what other painters (such as you!) do with this figure when they get their Bones V packages.



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