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Heroclix conversions: Minty archer and punchy devil

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Ending 2020 on a decent note, with 11 ground-up paintjobs (2019 only beats me on the technicality that I fixed up two older minis and also added easy paint details to a prepaint for a total of 12) in total for this year, the final two being these two converted Heroclix.


First up, Merlyn from DC comics became this archer with striped breeches and a mint-colored shirt. I did him yesterday alongside the old TSR minis but I sat on it, just wondering if I should redo the shirt. I ultimately did not.



And then this old Ulik from Marvel Comics... First I was going to do a more thorough conversion into the weak archdevil Bael (seriously, his challenge rating in 5E makes him an easier fight than your average Pit Fiend), then just an armored Barlgura... before ultimately just deciding to make him a generic punchy swol devil. And yeah, he's just glued on his base and I did nothing to cover up the glue mess, sue me.


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