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Conan the Painter

Anuminar Winterbeard, Wizard (77661)

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Welcome!  Nice detail work on the stars and owl.


Lighting advice, if you want it:

A third lamp (above the figure) would fill in those shadows cast by your two lamps.  Covering the lamps with white satin would make the light less harsh.

Including an object for color-balancing would also help -- I painted swatches of black, red, yellow, green, and blue on an index card; I do the automatic color-balance in my software, and then crop it out of the pic that I post.

Here's a shot of my setup from a few years ago; the physical setup and the lamps haven't changed, but the camera has.  I still use a 2-second delay to eliminate the shakiness of a camera held in the hand, but my current camera has a good standard macro setting rather than the manual focus and zoom that I had to use with my older camera.  Phone-cams now are pretty sophisticated, too.

(Anne Foerster gave all this advice to me 10+ years ago.  For color-balancing, she used to use pots of red/yellow/green/blue paint, with white labels and black writing.)



Keep painting and keep sharing!


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Classic colour choices and the stars look good. 

When you observe the shadows cast by your light, you can find the areas where you may paint shadows. I use these technique while painting.

If the three lamps plus covering method is too much for you try daylight. You can achieve good results with indirect but bright daylight. Just dont put the minis into direct light or there will be harsh shadows again.

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