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Definitely not Kermit - Giant Frogs.


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Going big on a bunch of minis in the same day - here's the Frogs to add to it.  However, they aren't done and I'm still testing some new stuff.  


I tried putting a slimy glaze on one of them and seeing if a wash behaves differently on it.  Sure does!  Win.  also am loving I can use this Liquitex High Gloss as a brush on.  Makes everything look like it's freshly sneezed on.  Win?  In the case of these disgusting frogs, it's great.  I'm trying to lay down Flat Green first and then wash with Drakenshade in deeper areas to give a fun mixed color, then going over one of them with Nuln Oil to see if it makes the scales/warts pop out more.  Not literally, just figuratively.  It seems to be doing well so far, but we'll see once it dries.  The one with the tongue out is the glossy one.  


Speaking of tongue out, I've tried my first real wet blend.  I found it fitting since he's disgusting and 'wet' looking already.  The protruding tongue I wanted to match that pink color from the gullet and swap to green on the end.  Worked pretty well.  Given how many vials of Breast Cancer Awareness Pink I have I'm trying to use it everywhere I can.  The blend came out way better than I thought it could going from Pink to Green.  Sweet!  Big win.  I can try this wet blend stuff more often.  Only thing I was having trouble with was keeping the consistency from gobbing up or looking too think.  Since the tongue came out well on the green/pink mix, I decided to try making the neck scrotum (whatever you call that weird part of the frog that looks like a...well...) look stretched out with bringing a lighter color in - yellow.  It looks pretty cool, but I think it'll be better when I get the veins to stand out and such as I get further along.  Wet blend on two of these worked well.  


So far I'm pretty happy.  Still need to pick my wart highlight colors and clean up the washed areas.  I'm not sure I'm sold on the pink mouth, but I'm pot committed at this point.  I also have to do the eyes, but someone sent me some cool eyes on frogs on my Green Slaad piece, so I'm going to possibly try it on these slimy dudes.  


Open to any feedback.



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