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Mini Dreadful is taking the random rainbow dragon challenge!

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With a new year, and a resolution to paint more I thought what better way to kick things off than with a challenge.  As I searched through my lab looking for the prefect mini to inspire me I thought, since I'm resurrecting a older challenge why not use a resurrected dragon. For this challenge I will paint the Zombie Dragon (77466 ).




And the colors I rolled are:



Resulting in Lava Orange (3), Marine Teal (17), and Earth Brown (13). I don't have any of the colors so I will be substituting with Reaper HD paints. 29805 HD Burning Orange (Lava Orange),   29813 HD Bright Turquoise, and 29829 HD Golden Brown (Earth Brown).  I'm going for the 3 Star challenge so I'll only be using my rolled colors plus black and white for value adjustments. So while a dominantly orange zombie dragon could be tricky to make interesting, I am excited to see where I can push the limited color palette.


In my substitutions I chose Bright Turquoise over the HD Solid Blue because, to me at least, the Marine Teal looks like an almost even mix between green and blue, and if there is any color basis it would be towards the green side which is where I see the Bright Turquoise leaning as well; the Solid Blue had a much more Blue basis I thought. 


Now to get it assembled and primed.


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