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Yargh ye land lubber! Take to the sea...and sky?

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Looks great. I like the colours and the Face. Also the hat fits very well. Will you add colour to the Base?

The contrasting colours of the wings look realy fine for me,  but it seems you used only a Wash on the basecoat. I would recommend to apply a thinned paint along the full wing lines. This needs only little time more and the results are much Cleaner than a wash in this case.

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I really appreciate the feedback @Krassling, thank you. 


I haven't finished even touched basing on this one yet.  I feel like i kind of rushed my 2 previous bases and they ended up similar.  I have been trying to settle my excitement to rush to finish them to make the bases more fun.  We'll see.  Gotta come up with a fun theme for her. 


For the wings and wash, i couldn't agree more on your assessment.  I really wanted to hit them again with a layer, but chose not to because it's as good as she's going to get.  I have also touched up a few of my others in pursuit of perfecting them and ended up overdoing it.  I'll play with my next round of minis (already on the way) and see if i can improve my wash and highlight technique.  


I definitely took note of thinning the paint.  It may actually be one of the issues i have in trying to go over a washed area and it just comes out looking like bold strokes that reverse the wash effect.  Good point! 


More to come. 

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