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Other than a bit of touch up on unit #2 of B2s and getting unit #1 sealed, there hasn't been much painting activity. Between the continuing issues with my lower back and leg, and just other stuff, there hasn't been much chance to paint.

I did get a game in with my wife, trying out the droids for the first time against her rebels.  It didn't go very well for the droids. Even with only a 1 in 6 chance of rolling a shield on their defense dice, I probably should have rolled a few.....

Plus I forgot that Guardian only has a range of 1, and moved Grevious up too far, which led to his death.......but mostly I blame the dice. ::D:


But then our region switched back to "yellow" on Monday, which means instore gaming. So I figured out a army I want to play for a skirmish game next week (still Imps until I get some special forces for the droids built) and realized I needed another medical droid.  So made some time to get started on that tonight (shouldn't take too long, they are an easy paint).


I had two of them primed so I went ahead and started both.  They will be mostly the same. Just a base coat of S75 Black Metal, and then a heavy Nuln Oil wash.  While I had it out I also did a wash on B2 unit #2.


I've found a relatively comfortable way to sit and paint, which doesn't cause shooting nerve pain in my leg like my normal way does, so I should be able to get these done fairly quickly. Might get a little more done on them tonight, or not.  See how the leg feels.....


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A little progress this evening.


They both got a drybrush of Black Metal.  The left then got a lighter drybrush of a 50/50ish mix of Black Metal and Thrash Metal.  The one on the right got just Thrash Metal.

Gives them a little variation. You can see the completed one I did in December in the background.  I believe it just got Black Metal.

Also got a start on the bases for these two.


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Got some more done on those Imperial medical droids.



as threse are #2 and #3 I went with blue and green for markings. (the first unit I do gets white floor markings and the original colour scheme, or as close as I can get).  Then, for identification, I've been using blue for 2nd unit, and green for the 3rd (might have confused that a bit with the scouts but I'll straighten it out when I get back to them).  4th will probably be red?, then purple and then....orange maybe.


Anyway, these are pretty much ready other than maybe giving a couple of the arm tips some different metallics to indicate different....tools.

I'll finish them up and hopefully get a quick spray of sealer on them this afternoon while it is still above freezing.


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EXTERMINATE!!....err, I mean, "Please state the nature of the medical emergency", umm, something like that, anyway.....

The front two are now complete and join the original one I finished in December.  All three have magnets in case I need to use a mousebot to mark them.


Up next, I'll continue working on the B2s, but with in store gaming resuming I'll likely be starting some more Imperials shortly.  I have some units and commanders and operatives....and vehicles....  I want to try out soon.



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Leg is feeling a bit better so more painting tonight.


I did two passes of drybrushing on the metal on the unit in red and the 3 units behind (the other unit way in the background is Unit #1 waiting to be based).

Then fixed up the red where I hit it while drybrushing.

Still deciding on how I'm going to highlight the red.....
So the other 3 units will probably get their base colours for their markings next.


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Decided on a list I want to play next week....of course I don't have a few of the figures actually assembled yet (let alone painted).


Started assembly this morning, but had some interruptions as there was a work issue and the person from our group on call wasn't too familiar with the issue.

Still, some progress:



More to go once what is done has some time to dry.
The flat lower body is still separate from the upper part, the pegs have a good friction fit, so I can keep them as two pieces until after it gets painted.


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The AAT is assembled, enough for now.  I left the hatch covers off until after I paint the turret, since I want them open (the box comes with a B1 commander but I have a couple of other tank commanders 3D printed so I'll want to be able to swap them (still have to determine if they need magnetization).  The turret isn't glued, and won't be.  The main gun can change elevation.  The two smaller weapon clusters are just pressed on right now and see fairly secure.
I also did the first of 3 PK-series worker droids I need to build.  Getting their arms to match up with the hands (it is holding a B1 head) is a pain.....they can repair droids and vehicles (and tanks) .

I should be able to finish up assembly tonight or tomorrow, then back to the B2s.


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Well, I meant to update later in the weekend, but, you know.....



I finished assembling my PK-series Worker Droids as well as a T-series Tactical Droid.


We're going to a paint night tonight, so my wife wanted to paint a little since its been months and months since she last did.


Its crappy lighting as I was mostly just trying to get which paints we used.  These are Rebel Troopers.  Just basecoats and a wash of Agrax Earthshade.  We're just going for a quick tabletop level with these guys.  She did the left one, with the green jacket.  I did the right with the brown.  They will be in two separate squads. Want them similar but easy enough to tell the squads apart.


And I played my Droids on Tuesday night.  A fairly decisive victory, although I found my tank was less effective than I would have liked.

There was one Droid casualty however.....


This was one of the resin B1s, who took a dive head first to the hard floor.  I think I'll glue the parts (all I could find) to the base and keep him in the case....
Guess I should probably start assembling the real B1s I've got sitting my my paint station...soon......

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Been a bit.  My back/leg is still causing issues but I was feeling good enough to do a little tonight. Plus I want to run some B2s on Tuesday.



I tested out the contrast colours I'd picked out for the remaining 3 units, to go with the traditional all silver, and the red markings I'd already done.

I'm pretty happy with all 3 colours, so I'll hopefully get at least a base of the colours down on all of them tomorrow.


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And three units of B2s that just need a quick seal tomorrow and then are "ready" to play on Tuesday with the silver unit.  



I need to properly base the lot, but that's messy and takes a day or two with drying time, so it can wait until later, probably when I have the purple unit done as well.


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Well the B2s were successful last week (Grevious "might" have helped a bit too).  They are a lot of wounds to chew through (each fig is 2 wounds and they have Armor one, which cancels one non-crit hit).

My leg hasn't been overly happy with my painting attempts this weekend, but with a couple of shot sessions I have unit 5 ready for sealer.


After that I'll probably see if there are any final tweaks I want to do when I have them all together.  Then get them based.


Up next I think I'll probably go back to Imps for painting, and I have some assembly from all 3 factions to work on, plus some terrain.


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    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      So this is my year in review.  It was a strange year, what with working from home since early March.  I initially thought that would mean I'd paint more, but after spending 8+ hours every day sitting 3 feet from my painting desk but working, it really didn't work out that way. Eventually I was able to get some stuff painted so things are working better now.
      At the start of the year I decided I wanted to not just pick up some random Star Wars Legion stuff to paint, but to actually play the game.  Unfortunately everything shut down before I could watch a game at the LFGS.
      After I got enough prepped at home, my very patient and understanding wife agreed to play some small games so I could sort out the rules.  It must be reasonably fun for her, we just played a game on Monday....
      Eventually the store opened up for play again and I got in about a half dozen games before the latest wave hit and put a stop to that.  If all goes well we should be back to playing in a couple weeks.
      As far as painting:

      That was my output for the year.  I count it as 52 figures (51 bases but the e-Web has two Snowtroopers on the base.....). Not bad at all for me, especially considering it took me two months to paint the first unit of Stormtroopers and I had a big slump during the hot part of the summer where my output was nil.
      As you can probably tell, I play Imperials. And, because I'm using the premium bases and painting them, I can only field what I've painted.  So I've been pushing on painting Imperials.  The only rebel unit I've painted is the Rebel Veterans.  The LFGS rain a painting contest online during the shutdown and I figured painting yet more white and black wasn't going to impress....
      Here is the breakdown:
      1 box of Rebel Veterans 
      2 units of Stromtroopers
      1 unit of Scout Troopers
      2 units of Snowtroopers
      1 e-WEB heavy blaster team
      2 units of Speederbikes
      Darth Vader (the starter box edition)
      General Veers
      and the Imperial Officer and FX-9 Medical Droid from the Imperial Specialists Personnel Expansion.
      Looking forward to 2021 I still have a lot of Imperials left to paint. Luckily most are assembled, some are primed and a number of Stormtroopers already have a wash and drybrush done.
      This is good because I got the Clone Wars starter for Christmas (awesome wife strikes again!) so I'll be starting to assemble Droids soon....
    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      (Yes, the title is a throwback to a contest I ran years ago on here....no I'm not running another one, with today's shipping rates, ugh......)
      This is where I'm going to work on 3D printed terrain pieces for Star Wars Legion, most of which currently are going to be spaceships.  Because why use generic terrain when you can be shooting Rebel Scum hiding behind X-wings and the like?
      Up first is this:

      All the FDM bits are there, but most of the resin bits (guns, ramp, interior) are still in a bin waiting to have their supports removed and cured.
      I figured I should get a thread started as maybe that will get me over that initial hurdle of actually starting.  This has all been printed for a week or two and just sitting there....plus I'm gonna need that airbrush booth for other things sooner or later....
      I will, of course, be attempting to make this look somewhat like the original episode 5 version, not some retconned prequel sillyness.
      Now to go listen to some Prism.
    • By Sharkbelly
      This morning I started on one of my Mandalorians.
      Started with base coats on the grey and green and then a dark wash. Then picked out the leather items and washed them as well. Then a first coat on the cape and base. Oh, and base coated and washed the metal too.

    • By Sharkbelly
      Up next is Cad Bane. However, first some bonus Battle Droids. These guys painted up very quickly.

    • By Sharkbelly
      My next project is these guys. I have also cut up some old sprues to make these stacks of metal bars.

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