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2021: A New Hope (Jan. Hobby Goals)

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I'll probably won't paint some of these, and will paint some I didn't mention, but here it goes:


I'd like to finish these:


  • EPIC - Serpent Summoner
  • AVG - Vampire
  • Titanforge - Vampire Hunter Steam Wagon ( after printing it)
  • MMM - Earth Tremor
  • AG _ Aline the Bold
  • AG - Queen Stheneria
  • Primeval Clash - Dimetrodon with Egyptian Handler
  • AG - Goraku
  • AG-Oni Grunt
  • CastnPlay - Swamp Crocodile
  • Tabletop World _ Town House
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I have an end of year summary and general plan for 2021 posted on my blog:




With December having been devoted to baking rather than painting, I am hoping to get back into hobbying again this month.


To do list:


1/72 mercenary “free company” (8 figures, one stand) for my ongoing fantasy campaign

12 vintage 25mm Minifig “true orc” archers, for the Tolkien project

6 40mm French Revolution era British Light Dragoons, who languished all last year



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This month I'd like to:


-- finish some of the pile of figures on my Desk of Despair. 

         -- snake people

         -- orcs

         -- general fantasy characters

         -- large monsters: griffons, chimera, sphinx

         -- various cats


-- continue working on the pile of Bones and 3d printed terrain pieces, leading up to tackling DDS2. Let's hope my new paint color choices don't get discontinued again this year. 


-- all this so I can select some new, fun figures to paint in February 

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Current Goals:

- Croak Raiders and Chief (Assembled, Based, Primed, and Ready)

- Heroforge Latemas Gift (Waiting on post)

- Finish Sails on my Boat (Sails have been designed and measured)

- Gnolls and Ghouls for RoSD (waiting on the last few to arrive)

- Test out Airbrush on Purple Worm and Goremaw


Trying to stay somewhat realistic.  There's other things I'm excited about but they likely won't happen this month.

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Plans for the new year includes painting the Grenadier Amazon set, and the Lost Lands Dark Elves, also from Grenadier.  I am thinking of painting up Mashaf as my giant mini of the year, it will be the big bad in a Savage World campaign i an hoping to run when we can socialize again. 

Other hobby goals include cataloging all my old minis and getting them IDed and sorted.  I got pretty far over the break on that project. 

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This month's plans, more or less.. 

- Finish building the Trumpeter LAV-III 

- Start building my Revell A-10 

- Base the Infinity models that are on assembly desk

- Finish building the last Global Evil Corp building

- Finish building the airlock wall for that Cosmica HAB Building

- Start (and finish) building a second wall for Cosmica HAB Building

- Sculpt legs and left arm for the LAV driver in Project:Midnight Raid

- Tidy up gaming table

- Prime more Global Evil Corp terrain

- Hobby 20-30 minutes a day

- fill gaps in hubby's Rauthuros, then prime said demon

- Experiment with my Oilbrushers 

- Paint some Infinity midels

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My goals for January are:

  1. Paint one new figure for Anno Domini
  2. Paint a terrain piece for Rangers of Shadow Deep
  3. Finish rebasing a starting force for Zona Alfa
  4. Paint this month's Mithril miniature


My hobby goals for 2021 include:

  • Painting one piece of terrain each month [On track with 1]
  • Painting the 17 miniatures in my annual box
  • Painting my Cossack faction for Anno Domini
  • Paint some more modern figures for Zona Alfa
  • Painting one Mithril miniature each month [On track with 1]

So it is written so let it be done



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Can't speak as to yearlong goals yet, but I have three halfling townsfolk, a handful of squid cultists, and a set of creepy crawlers from Midlam Miniatures to work on this month, plus a froghemoth. Might do some conversion work on a cheap toy pirate ship, too. 

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Yearly goals?  I typically don't think that far ahead.


January goals are a bit easier:

  • Finish Tyrants of Lothal (Hondo, Ezra, Kanan, Zeb, and Sabine).
  • USCMs from Gale Force 9's Aliens games

And that should really be enough.  I might go rogue and paint the xenomorphs up as they'll be a bit easier (black/super dark  brown, some drybrushing, pick out a few details).  I hear that assembly on the aliens is rough, though.  Especially the tails.



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Hopefully I can get the unit of skeletons done this month. Other than them, there's the Witch hunter cavalry unit (4 remaining), Witch Hunter Knights (3), Werewolf Bikers, (4 mounted 4 on foot), and an assortment of Mouslings as well as the 2020 display. The plan is to finish these before allowing myself to start anything new. I also have two terrain pieces suffering from neglect, a Witch Hunter chapterhouse and a mausoleum that I need to finish as well. 

Should I manage that, then by the end of the year the goal is:

12 strong unit of cavalry for the Angry Catholic Witch Hunters

Repaint the BattleMasters Imperials as Dawnguard

Finish the remaining contents of the Pike & Shotte starter box

Try and repaint all of my original GW skeleton units (20 swordsmen, 8 cavalry, chariot, catapult)

Finish the Nun unit and remaining Witch Hunter/Angry Catholic blisters

Finish the Coffee Dwarves from the Battle for Skull Pass box

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Goals for the month

Finish painting 2 3D printed buildings

Finish painting 5 GW Empire pistoliers

Paint 5 GW Empire outriders

3D print a bunch of dollhouse furniture for the wife and daughter

3D print various odds and ends I've collected stls for (tanks, spaceships, minis, buildings, other stuff)


Goals for the year

More terrain (can never have too much)

Completely paint my old GW Emnpire army

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I want to take a bit of a break from minis this month and get some terrain done. This won't mean that I won't work on minis, just that I need a palette cleanser. 


Am half way through making some raised levels /plinths from polystyrene for skirmish games. 

I want to paint up Terraincrate 2. I've spray primed a bunch of it and just need to go through and drybrush. 

I have two ramshackle buildings from Renedra which I'd love to get done. 


In addition I picked up Mantic Armada. A lot of people locally seem to be getting into this and I want to get through the starter set painting all 8 ships. The hulls are all primed and washed. 


I am halfway through 3 projects that are in my eye line (elf infantry, goblin pirates, viking warband) nd I would love to finish those off in Feb and then have a fresh run at new things for the rest of the year. 

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2021 Goals, I pulled this from my blog post because I was too lazy to type it all up again.


Hobby Goals:

  • Finish Ma’al Drakar
    • I cam very close to this last year but Stuff (TM) got in the way. This might be the year it’s done!
  • Start Grimtalon
    • This is a gorgeous Roc mini by Reaper Miniatures from their Bones IV Kickstarter.
  • Baba Yaga’s Hut
    • A house. With chicken feet. Need I say more?
  • Eldritch Desert Diorama
    • I’m not sure I mentioned it last year but I started a diorama later in the year. It’s going to be a black and white film noir Lovecraft-esque thing.
  • Finish up Shadows of Brimstone that needs to be done.
  • Start painting Forbidden Fortress.
  • Finish up the minis started during ReaperCon Live 2020.
  • Clear some of the Shelf of Shame.
  • Participate in the Reaper Challenge League.

Hobby Adjacent Goals:

  • First I want to work on the blog.
    • I love being able to share things with y’all and, I feel, I’m not doing it enough.
  • Level up my photography skills.
  • Organize minis and paint
    • Lol, this may never happen well enough for me to be content.
  • Update the mini inventory spreadsheet.
  • Update the paint swatches and make sure they are inventoried.
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Hobby goals for the Year: 

Paint 3 dragons 

Work on the reaper challenge league, 10-20 pts a month,  or (50) per quarter. 

Buy and paint reapers Nativity Set.

At least one Diorama 

One Bust. 

Start on Bones 5 core set. 


Goals for January: 

10-20 points for reaper Challenge league 

- Limited Pallet 

- Trio! 

- monster 

- PC 

WizKids Slaad (fancy chaos bas) 

fix Christmas Ornament 


Im going to need some more goals:  

- Bust (reapers maiden) 


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