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2021: A New Hope (Jan. Hobby Goals)

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On 1/3/2021 at 2:53 AM, strawhat said:

January goals are a bit easier:

  • Finish Tyrants of Lothal (Hondo, Ezra, Kanan, Zeb, and Sabine).
  • USCMs from Gale Force 9's Aliens games


Oh, boy.  I did not call this one correctly at all.


No further work on Tyrants.  I think it's a combination of the characters' costumes and being so close to finishing.  You would think that being close to being done would spur me on, but no-oo-oo.


The Aliens are still on sprues.  The humans have been assembled (excepting the power loader, and the Ripley and Newt model), but otherwise left alone.  But I have assembled the eggs, sentry guns, facehuggers, and computer terminals.  I've even gotten a layer or two of paint on most of it.  So at least there's progress if not exactly where I expected it to come from.

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On 1/3/2021 at 10:38 AM, Zink said:

Goals for the month

Finish painting 2 3D printed buildings

Finish painting 5 GW Empire pistoliers

Paint 5 GW Empire outriders

3D print a bunch of dollhouse furniture for the wife and daughter

3D print various odds and ends I've collected stls for (tanks, spaceships, minis, buildings, other stuff)


Goals for the year

More terrain (can never have too much)

Completely paint my old GW Emnpire army


Umm, Plans went off the rails big time when I discovered I can print 6mm or 1/285 scale infantry. Well a bit bigger than that but close enough. Painted one building and part of one pistolier. Printed enough Barbie accessories to keep the wife and daughter happy. Major time spent on 1/285 WW2.


Found some WW1 british infantry on thingiverse and used them as the base of my canadian force for late WW2. This is most of them that I did the last 2 weeks. 


Bought the rules for Blitzkrieg Commander IV which I've been interested in for awhile. Bought some Micromark army lists for the forces I'm interested in. Hunted down free stls for a ton of equipment. Learned how to do a bunch in Blender and Meshmixer to make or convert models to things I couldn't find. Even designed a vehicle model entirely from scratch. Made several large detailed lists for canadian forces including stats for most of our army in NWE. 


And they need somebody to fight so started printing models and converting files for the 12th SS. Have enough to start playing games but many more to print to get all the options I want. Which leads to terrain. I have very little terrain suitable for this small. I have gathered up what I have and am starting to work on more. I keep the printer running about 16 hours a day with the majority of that for BKC. Been a very busy month for hobbying .

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On 1/5/2021 at 6:04 AM, Brianuk said:

I want to take a bit of a break from minis this month and get some terrain done. This won't mean that I won't work on minis, just that I need a palette cleanser. 

I did manage to get to some terrain projects. I painted up a bunch of terraincrate graveyard pieces. I got through some 3d printed giant sunflowers and some sci fi crates. Then I made some scratch built/trash built buildings for Stargrave. The biggest thing I did was to create some large platforms, mainly for ROSD but for other games as well. These are 50mm tall and 90cm across (when connected together). These are nearly done (they just need edges). 


On the minis side, I didn't finish any of the army projects this month but put some colours onto the elves in particular and will try and clear them out next month. I had some bat demons and vampires which formed a theme so I painted all of those together, and I knocked out some uruk hai for Oathmark. 


Ive subscribed to Model Box which sends you a random themed selection of minis and terrain each month. As I am getting ready for Stargrave it was great to get a box with the theme 'AI' and I painted it all this weekend. 7 robots and the crates. 


Next month I will finish the platforms and try and crack at least one of the unit projects. 

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On 1/9/2021 at 4:12 PM, Evilhalfling said:

Goals for January: 

10-20 points for reaper Challenge league 

- Limited Pallet  Xbowman 

- Trio! Ogre Chief

- monster Spider Swarm

- PC    Fisherman

WizKids Slaad (fancy chaos bas) 

fix Christmas Ornament 


Im going to need some more goals:  

- Bust (reapers maiden) 



45 points for RCL - finished all monthly challenges. Apparently I like challenges, When I finshed my plans and had some extra painting time, I just kept doing the next thing. 

Duo (organized and finished in last 3 days) - Mugger 

Fire Theme - Cambion 

New Release - Dire Crab 


I am currently working on  painting an old conversion,  and I have an idea for a Page-O-Rama. 


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I shelved the snake people, orcs and cats, but have made some progress on the sphinx and chimera.  Have a handful of new figures for Feb, too. 


Had not intended to participate in the RCL, but I finished a few figures and they fit in some of the categories, so....



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On 1/3/2021 at 1:52 AM, Rigel said:

Can't speak as to yearlong goals yet, but I have three halfling townsfolk, a handful of squid cultists, and a set of creepy crawlers from Midlam Miniatures to work on this month, plus a froghemoth. Might do some conversion work on a cheap toy pirate ship, too. 

Midlam squid cultists, Creeping Jeepers, and Wizkids froghemoth done, as well as a few astronauts! 
Halflings still need some work.

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On 1/2/2021 at 11:53 AM, Citrine said:

Plans for the new year includes painting the Grenadier Amazon set, and the Lost Lands Dark Elves, also from Grenadier.  I am thinking of painting up Mashaf as my giant mini of the year, it will be the big bad in a Savage World campaign i an hoping to run when we can socialize again. 

Other hobby goals include cataloging all my old minis and getting them IDed and sorted.  I got pretty far over the break on that project. 

I started on the Grenadier dark elves, and I managed to finish one from that set along with a cat person and the Midlam Candle maker halfling.  All the other dark elves have their hair and faces done.

Also made some progress on the great cataloging project. Identified another hundred or so. 

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On 1/2/2021 at 4:38 PM, Glitterwolf said:

I'll probably won't paint some of these, and will paint some I didn't mention, but here it goes:


I'd like to finish these:


  • EPIC - Serpent Summoner
  • AVG - Vampire
  • Titanforge - Vampire Hunter Steam Wagon ( after printing it)
  • MMM - Earth Tremor
  • AG _ Aline the Bold
  • AG - Queen Stheneria
  • Primeval Clash - Dimetrodon with Egyptian Handler
  • AG - Goraku
  • AG-Oni Grunt
  • CastnPlay - Swamp Crocodile
  • Tabletop World _ Town House



Two down!


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On 1/2/2021 at 12:20 PM, WhiteWulfe said:

This month's plans, more or less.. 

- Finish building the Trumpeter LAV-III 

- Start building my Revell A-10

- Base the Infinity models that are on assembly desk

- Finish building the last Global Evil Corp building

- Finish building the airlock wall for that Cosmica HAB Building

- Start (and finish) building a second wall for Cosmica HAB Building

- Sculpt legs and left arm for the LAV driver in Project:Midnight Raid

- Tidy up gaming table

- Prime more Global Evil Corp terrain

- Hobby 20-30 minutes a day

- fill gaps in hubby's Rauthuros, then prime said demon

- Experiment with my Oilbrushers 

- Paint some Infinity models


So, got about half the list done so I'm rather happy about that, even if some things wound up being undone a few days later (*cough* gaming table *cough*).  LAV III is primed and will see the airbrush booth a few more times next month I suspect.  I actually did pretty much hobby every day, it's just other things wound up taking up that time, like my first Gundam model a Zaku II Char (now finished), a Pokémon figure (two actually, finished), a good amount of progress on my Queen of Hell, and a few other things...


While I didn't get as much painted as I may have wanted, I sure got a lot of other things done! ^_^

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I didn’t lift a brush in January, either.  The only mitigating good news on the hobby front is that I was in two remote miniatures games, one hosted by me (with 40mm 18th century stuff), and one hosted by my brother (Chaos Wars with classic 25mm figures).  My painting/hobby desk has been cleared (mostly) of hobby stuff, and has been my work at home station for a while, and swapping things out just takes too long.  (When I used to paint at my desk at work at lunch, I had enough surface area that I didn’t need to clear anything before setting up to start...just out with the paint and put it away at the end.)

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