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2021: A New Hope (Jan. Hobby Goals)

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On 1/9/2021 at 4:12 PM, Evilhalfling said:

Hobby goals for the Year: 

A. Paint 3 dragons    (3) Land Wyrm, Blue Topaz and Leaf Dragons + 4 smaller dragon models. 

B. Work on the reaper challenge league, 10-20 pts a month,  or (50) per quarter.     usually it was 100pts a quarter. 

C. Buy and paint reapers Nativity Set.     10 figures + extra ox. 

D. At least one Diorama    (2) Nativity & Dragonsong 

E One Bust.   (2) Maiden &  Dragon head

F.  Start on Bones 5 core set.       25 figures + terrain. 


well okay,  that worked out. 

123 figures - about 20 above most years.  the RCL provided a lot of structure and mini- goals . 

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I haven't painted much at all for the last few years, so I'm pushing myself to get back into it.


My January painting goals were:

  • Paint 10 minis
  • Of those 10, paint 5 of them in under 2 hours per mini (to move towards my overarching life goal of "progress, not perfection" 
  • Paint 5 terrain pieces


We were away camping for the start of the month, so I didn't actually break out the paints until about halfway through the month. In the end, I only painted a single "2 hour" mini, but I did get 8 terrain pieces smashed out.


However, my main overall goal was simply to get back to putting paint on stuff and I certainly achieved that. So, while I missed my goal, I'm confident I'll be able to catch up my backlog soon enough.


We're only 4 days into February and I've almost got another 2 minis finished, plus another 5 "2 hour" minis prepped and ready to go. So my motivation is high to keep going.


This is a quick snap what I got done.




On the weekend I aim to take a better photo using a light box. The Golden Snitch in the photo is still a WIP. That should be finished soon. The table at the back technically didn't count as part of my 8 painted terrain pieces as the metal bands weren't finished (but have since been finished).


Yearly goal tracker:

  • "Normal" minis painted (0/5) - Behind schedule
  • "2 hour" minis painted (1/5) - Behind schedule
  • Terrain pieces painted (8/5) - Ahead of schedule
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