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Classic Horror Dracula (03248)

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 I like the little diorama. The moon is a fun touch, but the couple needs to look out for werewolves as it's a full moon. :B): I'm always looking for new Egyptian terrain, so I'd like to know where you got the pillars, please.   

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    • By Rigel
      Been working on a series of monster hunters from the Early Modern Era, and of course that means we need early modern monsters!

      The Vampire, of course, is one of the most versatile classics. Polidori, the "Varney" authors, LeFanu, and Stoker popularized the concept and promoted the bloated varcolac or shambling nach-zerer to the aristocracy. The variety is almost infinite, but nowadays we expect them to be parasitic, narcissistic, obsessive, entitled, compelling, rule-bound, and of course, literally blood-thirsty. 

      Here's one such vampire, the beautiful Jahenna. Alluring, beguiling, deceptive. This is one of the crispest, cleanest sculpts I've encountered with regard to hands and hair. The conveniently-non-cruciform gravestone she's sitting on bears the legend "Mircalla RIP," a nod to LeFanu's "Carmilla" (source of the Vampire Anagram trope). The dress is very Jessica Rabbit-esque and my first attempt at fabric semitranslucency. Could probably have pushed those highlights more.

      Matthias the Twisted, on the other hand, is a very different flavor of vampire. He gets the full Murnau/Schreck treatment. Grotesquerie, disfigurement, corruption, contagion. An asymmetric bogey, horrific, athirst, more rat than bat or wolf. I do love the adorable little plague rats around and on him. 

    • By EldritchEladrin
      Starting a WIP thread to track the progress on my October project to paint minis for the classic Universal Studios monsters:

      02156:  Mummy of Hakir
      03248:  Classic Horror: Dracula
      03249:  Classic Horror: The Monster
      03250:  Classic Horror: Wolfman
    • By Pingo
      This is Dracula from Bad Squiddo Games' "My Last Sunrise" collection, an assortment of vampires, vampire hunters, and a few auxiliaries which was released in a very brief Kickstarter last summer.
      Annie, the Dice Bag Lady, runs fun Kickstarters. The three vampire brides I painted last month are from the same set.
      I don't have a WIP for him. Questions and comments appreciated.





    • By Pingo
      In what sounds like a plotline from the World of Darkness, an aggressive mother brown bear has caused Castle Poenari, used in its time by Vlad "Dracula" Tepes, to be declared off limits to tourists until her cubs are grown.
    • By TheOldGuard
      I've had a couple of half finished Reaper vampires waiting in the (bat) wings for the best part of last year so I thought it was about time that I finished them off......
      The first one, presented here, is Jahenna (the other one is Gastaroth). I've always wanted to have a go at painting sheer clothing so this is my first attempt at that.
      This mini, whilst being fully clothed, is somewhat sultry so I thought I'd better post external pics:
      Jahenna front
      Jahenna front left
      Jahenna rear left
      Jahenna rear
      Jahenna rear right
      Jahenna front right
      Comments are always welcome, thanks for looking!
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