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Dr Boom

89043 Vagorg, Half-orc Sorcerer

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The Corrupted Hermitage in The Show Must Go On needs some Corrupted Retainers to keep it safe from pesky adventurers. The game art shows them as burly beaded men with tridents and I had an old bendy Bones Vagorg from Bones Kickstarter 3 who might serve the purpose alongside the original metal one I bought and painted when it first came out. The metal one is painted more according to the original art the mini is based on, however I thought I'd try something different for this one. While the armour looks more like platemail (impressive for a sorcerer), it could also pass as hide armour like the Corrupted Retainers wear if painted the right way. For White Bones, the detail on his half-orc face protruding from beneath the helm is quite good, however I tried to hide that with a beard. Couldn't quite get all of the bends out of his trident even after repeated visits to the boiling water / ice water mugs, and he has got a bit of a lean. Overall a quick job to serve the purposes of the game done mostly with contrast paints.



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