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So anyone who follows my planned goals for hobbying/painting in the Speed Painting subforum knows that I don't fair very well when it comes to monthly goals; I barely got one month's goal done last year. So this year I've decided to give myself a bit of leeway: an entire year to try to complete five hobby goals from 25 possibilities. The idea was inspired from Rob Hawkins' blog, that I've sporadically read for a few years.




I've tried to tailor my card to areas in which I typically struggle yet still retain some fun, as well as to make sure that no path to victory is entirely easy for me. Given that I finished no models last year, this should still prove quite a challenge for me.


A couple squares are time sensitive goals. To provide myself with a bit more incentive, I've decided to incorporate some health goals into the mix should I fail to achieve them. For example, if I'm attempting the assembly of 10 model in under a week, however many models I fall short by equals a number of physical exercises. I'm looking forward to it (both the exercise and getting through some of my stash).


I'll do my best to post here so you all can keep me honest. Don't be afraid to ask me about my progress!



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That looks really cool, even if reading them I was like "Nope, haha, never going to happen, heck no..... " 


I hope you manage to get some of them done, I think I could manage maybe a quarter of them. Not in a line though!

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18 minutes ago, Kuroneko said:

That looks really cool, even if reading them I was like "Nope, haha, never going to happen, heck no..... " 


I hope you manage to get some of them done, I think I could manage maybe a quarter of them. Not in a line though!


I think you might surprise yourself if you attempted some of those. You never know what you might achieve during the lockdown...


Five in a row should be doable. I never said they'd all end up being particularly stellar quality, some of those will definitely be pushing my ability to the limit... and most likely beyond. I'm not going to aim for a particular line until it gets towards the end of the year. I'm just going to mark them off as I do something, go for the many-roads-to-victory approach.


Luckily I've still got 359 days left in the year to get to work.

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Posted (edited)
8 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

This is a very interesting idea.. I may have to thief it as a motivational thingy... With my own tiles, naturally. 


I can send you my blank template if you'd like. It's not a fill-able form, just a jpeg, but any basic editing software can let you fill it in (with a bit of effort and swearing). Let me know.


First order of business, before I can started on any of this, is to relocate my work station from the basement for the winter so the Reynaud's doesn't kick in constantly. Probably going to need a mobile paint station to move into the spare bedroom, which is typically the warmest room in the house, but lacks a desk. Either that or find a pair of thin, warmish gloves with palm/finger grips that I don't mind getting paint all over.

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Ok, we're going for the "Clean and assemble at least 10 minis in under a week" square. While they are pre-assembled Bones (all from KS1), they need mold lines removed, bent parts fixed (and possibly exchanged with brass rod), washed and put onto a base, with any basing putty work done too.




Under a week means that since this is posted at 3:00pm EST on Saturday, I have until 2:59pm EST by next Saturday to finish all that.


Hit it!

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Took me about an hour each, but I got two models cleaned of mold lines. Really hurts my hands to go for that long at a time, especially in a cold house. Hope to get four more cleaned up tomorrow, spread throughout the day, and the rest the next day. Might get around to doing some putty work to fix some places where I sliced off too much. That Bones KS1 plastic really isn't my favorite material.


Time to get the girls out for a last potty walk, then shutter up the house.

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Running a bit behind where I had hoped to be. Didn't get anything done yesterday, but managed to get three more cleaned of mold lines. Those circled in red have been cleaned.



Hoping to get at least 3-4 more done tomorrow, but I still have to reshape a few bended parts with hot water. I can already tell one of them won't stay, so the haft of the warhammer is going to need swapped with brass tube.


Also need to saw off some of the integral bases, want to set a few onto a base with stonework flooring. And still need to clean up with putty some places where I nicked away some details. This is really reminding me why I never got around to doing these KS1 Bones minis, I really hate how soft the plastic is.

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Almost got them all clean of mold lines. Getting slowed down because I somehow damaged the tip of one of my fingers that is needed for grasping; every time the tip of it touches something I get a shot of pain, like a papercut, only there is no discernible cut. Must be a nerve thing. Most inconvenient, and annoying.


Should be able to finish the mold lines tonight, fill the slots in on the bases with woodfiller, and reposition bent parts tonight. Even if that runs over into tomorrow, I'm still in good shape as long as all the putty work on the figures and bases gets done by Friday afternoon. From there it'll just be attaching them to the bases before my deadline.

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Thanks. While that wasn't my first thought, it did occur to me. Can't find anything embedded in the skin. It might be something with whatever is causing the Raynaud's in my fingers. It was fairly cold yesterday (just below freezing), I walked all the dogs in the early evening, and still came back in with some fingertips starting to turn white despite my warm gloves. I rubbed them together to warm up for a few minutes, then washed my hands (just force of habit). It started after that. If it gets too bad or doesn't heal in a few weeks I'll call the doctor and ask. Currently it's only hurting randomly instead of every time I touch something, so yay?


Time to finish cleaning the last mini!

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On 1/14/2021 at 10:35 AM, Samedi said:

This bingo chart is a great idea for motivation! And it does have some challenging tiles...


So far it's gotten me to hobby almost every night, so I'm being pretty productive. And yes, there are several challenging tiles. I've never done a display piece or attempted one, never entered a contest or exchange. So it's all to push for productivity and growth this year.


Right, time to get the putty work done on the models. I think I'll need less putty work on some of the bases than originally planned, some of them fit the bases well enough as is. Maybe just one or two bases need sculpted.

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That bingo is really interesting.

I would suggest to buy or build a simple desk for the guest room. Lugging a mobile paint station around the house is to invite disaster when you knock it against something and everything on it crashes to the floor.

Also it makes it less probable to get anything done since it is so much more of an effort to get started each session. easier to do somthign else entirely.

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