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5 hours ago, Maledrakh said:

I would suggest to buy or build a simple desk for the guest room.


Unfortunately, there's no space in the room for it. The warmest room also happens to be the smallest, and the walls are filled with shelves, dressers and a bed. No room at all. That's the problem with living with your parents again: when all the children have moved out, they decorate the rooms with other furniture that was in storage, and when you have to move back in, there's no room to put any of your own. Can't really complain, as it isn't my house.


There is a desk upstairs, but it's in the coldest room of the house, so currently it's not a viable option for me.

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On 1/9/2021 at 3:00 PM, ManvsMini said:

Ok, we're going for the "Clean and assemble at least 10 minis in under a week" square. While they are pre-assembled Bones (all from KS1), they need mold lines removed, bent parts fixed (and possibly exchanged with brass rod), washed and put onto a base, with any basing putty work done too.


Aaaaand done! Mold lines removed, washed, onto a base, puttying done, and bent parts "fixed." Spent about 2 hours yesterday trying to get swords and such bent straight, but they just won't stay straight. How I hate the first generation of Bonesium...




The remaining bases will get ballast and flock when it comes time for painting, so that's left off for now in case I need to wash them again before I paint them. But this battle is done, in under a week (6 days, 21 hours, 42 minutes as of writing this). In the epic battle of man versus mini, the battle goes to man, who claims the bingo square!




Now to plan the next move.

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Ok, so I've got some time before the start of February, which is when I'm planning to have a couple new minis show up (one to complete another card goal, some possibly for my debut into the RCL). But, I've got some stuff down on my painting desk that needs cleared out, so it seems appropriate to use the next two weeks to try for the top left square on the card:




I haven't looked at the desk in a bit, so I'll have to add a picture once I go take stock of all that. But to clarify the rules for that square:

  • A WIP is anything found on my painting desk when I go look downstairs that already has paint on it, or is primed and attached to a painting handle (i.e. next phase is literally paint).
  • Anything sitting in a storage box not on the desk that has paint on it doesn't count as a WIP; it counts as a "forgotten" or "shelf of shame" mini, and is not required for this square.
  • Normally I don't consider a mini to be finished until it has been varnished. However, given that it's too cold to go out and spray varnish for the next few months, and that I lack an airbrush, this requirement shall be waved.
  • Basing must also be completed, with the exception of static grass, as that is typically put on after varnishing to avoid potential disaster (see above rule about waiving varnishing requirement).

If memory serves, I have 20 skeletons revenants sitting on the desk, and maybe 7-10 single miniatures. With two weeks until the end of the month, which is when I hope to begin my RCL entry. Roughly 30 minis in around 14 days. A goal I have failed horribly in previous monthly goals. Let's see if I can do better this time, I want to claim that square!


And note to self: look through the Shutterbug forum, I need to set up a decent booth to take better pics.


Edit: Looks like the 30 count was right on the money.




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1 hour ago, Kuroneko said:

Would these count as pieces of terrain? Asking for a friend, obviously :p


I'll allow it, provided they were also created (thus sayeth the bingo card... and no, being created by a company doesn't count).


Actually got time to do some painting tonight. It was in the basement, still cold there, but my hands managed to hold up and not go white. Spent about 2.5 hours on the skeletons, getting two colors put down on some fairly detailed parts. Almost done with basecoats on those, then from there it's a few highlight and washes.


Been a while since I last painted, but was pleased my brush control hadn't deteriorated much. A few stray strokes here and there, but nothing I couldn't soak up with a damp brush. Pretty happy with the night's work right now.

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On 1/17/2021 at 11:49 AM, ManvsMini said:

If memory serves, I have 20 skeletons revenants sitting on the desk, and maybe 7-10 single miniatures. With two weeks until the end of the month, which is when I hope to begin my RCL entry. Roughly 30 minis in around 14 days. A goal I have failed horribly in previous monthly goals. Let's see if I can do better this time, I want to claim that square!


Got some time to work a bit on the skeletons last night. Spent about 3 hours highlighting cloth and then applying a black wash to steel armor. I need to go over leather bits and apply another wash, then do some spot highlighting and they'll be done. At my usual pace, that's probably another 6-7 hours of work, so maybe two nights and they'll be done? Then of course there are the other 10 single figures to finish.


But it's ok! I lost a couple days due to household issues that needed attention, but to claim the square I don't need to finish in that 14 days, as there was no set time limit. I just need to finish getting those done before I start anything else. Since my package containing some figures for February RCL isn't going to arrive until next week, I should have time to clear out that backlog, and gain the square before it arrives.


Really need to have those done by around Feb 2nd, as what I ordered also has another figure in it that I want to use for the "finish a mini within 72 hours of receiving it" square. Going to try and squeeze that in while also doing my RCL duos/trios/group. Really hoping this turns into a good year for painting output.

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Skeleton revenants are as done as they are going to get before varnishing (and finishing basic with static grass, which is a post varnish task). So 20 down. Now on to the single figures that remain, hopefully they go faster. I've only got a few days before I need to get started on my February RCL stuff. Hope to get at least one figure done tonight, then I might actually have something to submit into the RCL for January, possibly the Player Character.


Pics to be added once I get the camera and lights setup, want to try taking some better photos.

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Doesn't look like I'm going to finish up all the current WIPs on the desk right now. No painting is going to get done tonight, too tired from shoveling snow. Still going to have to sling it at least one more time to clear the drive way of new accumulation, so the thought of lifting a brush is not appealing and neither is the thought of setting up to take photos of what's done. Might be able to get one or two minis done tomorrow, but otherwise I need to start on my February RCL commitments. So that's a bingo square that I'll have to return to after those are done, and hopefully get them knocked out before starting the next batch.


I did learn a very important lesson: don't start painting and then leave it for practically a year without writing down what color you used. I got to working on some singles I started maybe last January and couldn't remember what color I was using (didn't help that I'd reorganized the paints I had sitting out, so couldn't narrow it down based on what was lying around).


And a vortex mixer has moved itself up on my list of "must have" priorities.

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So trying to get through everything on my desk in a little over two weeks was a bit of a lofty goal. Would have been nice to get more of it done, but I'm not surprised I didn't make it. Maybe this month once I'm done with my RCL figures I can return to those and keep chugging away at them.


As for the RCL, I've got three figures to get done this month, two duos and a trio, plus a fourth to work on for quarterly (and possibly finish before next month). A couple of those figures might snag me a square on my card, but one definitely will: 77157 Griffon is one of my figures for a duo with @Inarah. That'll fulfill the "Paint a Monster - 50mm base or bigger".


Not quite sure how to paint it yet. I can always go classic style, but I kind of want to go off a bit and consider the color scheme the griffons had in the Chronicles of Narnia movies. Hard part with that is I can't find any good screen captures in an image search, and I don't own the movie to be able to capture my own stills for reference. Black/dark brown beaks is what I recall, with some of the feathers having dark streaks in them. I'll have to dig deeper to get more done. But first I have to get this guy cleaned up, assembled and primed, so onward to my work I go.

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On 2/1/2021 at 8:40 PM, ManvsMini said:

I kind of want to go off a bit and consider the color scheme the griffons had in the Chronicles of Narnia movies. Hard part with that is I can't find any good screen captures in an image search,


Made some progress on finding reference material for this. Still not the best shots, but good enough that I can work with them.griffin-narnia-5.jpg.4342fdfd185c815913b1e5db6b9d014a.jpggriffin-narnia-1.jpg.b0591dfa869e850116a5e21780f49f52.jpg


Looks like a bit of white/off-white on the underbelly and the neck, a hint of it working around to the top side. Definitely a black-tipped beak.




And lots of shades of brown for the feathers, going to its darkest out at the tips of the brown. I can definitely work with this. Just have to choose the shades of brown carefully so it doesn't end up as one giant brown blob.

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Ok, slight update for now as I am killing time with laundry. Got another square to mark off with this guy, a duo mini I did with @Maledrakh:



I rarely paint orange. I almost never paint it, it really hasn't worked out well for me in the past, and this time was no exception. Lots of struggling with this one, I did almost everything wrong from the beginning. I didn't even think about my primer color, I used black since I already had some on the palette from priming a previous mini. Took a lot of layers to get a decent base coat, even after I went back and did a base of a lightish brown that covers well. Had problems getting good shadow colors mixed. First they were too red, then they became too brown. Eventually I just wanted to get it done, and almost just went with a color I'm more comfortable with.


Not pleased with how it turned out, but I can at least take pride in that I stuck with the color choice and attempted it. There will probably be more orange minis in my future as a redemption round. Anyhow, I get to cross this one off.




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Another square bites the dust, though this was kind of an easy one. I was prepping some figures the RCL March and quarterly challenges, and had an integral base to remove. I could have hacked away at it with clippers, but it was an excuse to use the jeweler's saw I ordered a month or so ago. And it minimized the amount of pewter bits (got it sawed off in one piece), plus nothing went flying across the room/towards my face.




And I didn't even break the blade! All the videos I watched in preparation paid off... though I didn't have any saw-blade lubricant, so the blade may be toast anyways. I had planned to try using Chapstick as a substitute lubricant, but kept forgetting to pick some up at the store. Muscles in the hand that held the mini are a little cramped from squeezing, but nothing a few Advil can't solve. Overall, I like the tool, will definitely use it for a few conversions/reposes on metal minis I have been wanting to do.



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