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For most of us, 2020 was not the best of times, but that doesn't mean good things didn't happen.  With that in mind, I invite you to post about some of the best (insert your own things here) of 2020.  I'd just like to ask that you keep it positive and upbeat, no Best Dumpster Fires please. 


The list below was intended to be a Top 10 list, but I had a ton of difficulty convincing myself I liked one more than another.  So all of the below are great, worth giving a shot to and not really in any order.  


Best Animated Shows I Watched for the First Time* in 2020:

Big Hero 6 (the series) - I love the movie Big Hero 6 (possibly my favorite movie by Disney Animation Studios) and was a bit worried the TV show wouldn't hold up.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The heroes and villains act intelligently and are never stupid just to advance the plot or to keep them in the dark.  They do a good job of keeping everyone in the episode, even if it centers around someone else, and the plots and villains are interesting.  My only quibble is that I feel Wasabi doesn't get much of a chance to shine. 


DuckTales (reboot) - My friends strongly recommended this show, but I was skeptical.  Turns out it is great.  This show incorporates a lot of the other Disney weekday afternoon shows, though it stands on its own two feet for the most part.  The nephews are fleshed out a bit more and the addition of a fourth, female duckling did not annoy me like I feared it would.  The storyline is solid all the way through and it feels like the plot was properly thought out to its conclusion.  


Carmen Sandiego - As the saying goes, you either die a villain or get rebooted as a hero for the next generation.  Sometimes both.  Carmen Sandiego is a heroic master thief who basically goes around with two obnoxiously accurate Bostonians stealing from the bad guys and giving to the poor.  There is an interesting play between the villains (V.I.L.E.), the law enforcement (A.C.M.E.), and team Carmen Sandiego.  There are interesting character arcs on all sides, though my favorite so far is the incompetent detective Chase Devineaux.  


Kim Possible - I'm a little late to the party on this one.  Kim Possible came out in 2002, but I watched it for the first time in 2020.  I had heard lots of good things about it, but it was much better than I was expecting.  I found it hard to stop watching after I finished an episode.  The show centers on the sidekick a bit more than I expected, but he is the more interesting character because of his flaws.  And it finished out the story on a strong note.  


Wakfu - a French production and one that I would STRONGLY recommend you watch in the original language, Wakfu is based off of previous stuff (video games and another series, I think), though you don't need to know any of that.  The villain in season 1 is one of the best villains ever.  He is stealing Wakfu (some sort of life energy like KI or mana) to fuel a time machine so he can go back in time to save his family.  And he may be just a little insane.  It is a fairly typical fantasy-esque team up with a unique flair to it.  


Gravity Falls - Wow.  Just...wow.  Another series I heard a lot about but never really had the opportunity to watch until I picked up Disney+.  It got off to a slow, fairly standard start but they had the plot down for the entire show from the beginning, and it really shows.  There are clues everywhere as to what's going on, very specifically at the end of every episode in code.  This show blew my mind. 


BoJack Horseman - 2020 was probably the best year to watch this show.  BoJack can best be described as "depressingly funny".  It is not for everyone.  The main character is hard to like at the best of times, and it is rarely the best of times.  But it works.  There is one episode where no one speaks after the pre-title segment, and another where BoJack monologues the entire episode.  And both of those episodes are captivating.  Most of the shows on this list I watch because I'm looking for something light and fluffy, this is not one of those.  


Honorable mentions out to Star Wars Rebels (season 4), Clone Wars (season 7) and The Dragon Prince (season 3).  All were wonderful seasons, but I had seen the previous seasons before so I didn't include them in this list.  The final few episodes of The Clone Wars were particularly cinematic.  Also a shout out to Avatar, The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, who inspired this list and who I watched for the first time last year.  While I liked both, I didn't love them and found myself pushing through a few episodes.


*I had seen the first episode of BoJack Horseman before, but never watched the second episode.  And I'm pretty sure I've seen an episode of Gravity Falls way back when, but that show needs to be watched in order and in a timely fashion.  

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1 hour ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Adding to those, I'd recommend Transformers: War for Cybertron (Netflix).  The first part (6 episodes) come out in 2020 and was very good.  The 2nd part just came out and hasn't disappointed so far.


I was not a fan of the series.  It was good enough, but there were too many things that bothered me visually, in the characterization and in the story.  I have the second season queued up, but it's at the back of the queue, where as Carmen Sandiego's latest season will jump to the front once it arrives.  


I have started Star vs the Forces of Evil.  I'm two episodes in and its making me laugh constantly.  

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Best of Netflix releases for me:


Lucifer, season 5.1 - Tom Ellis is so charismatic, he should be allowed to play that role forever. The man steals the spotlight, almost enough to make me stop staring at the lead actress's lips (I swear sometimes they looked like they had collagen injections and other times they didn't).


The Last Kingdom, season 4 - as with season 3, without the BBC to reel them in, Netflix deviates from the books quite a bit, but the production value is much better.


Norsemen, season 3 - how I wish they had more episodes in a season. So funny.

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In the realm of music, the song "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher" from The Witcher Netflix series saw a lot of metal covers. And there were some good ones... but there were A LOT of metal covers for that song. I like metal, but it was refreshing to see a change from what everyone else did. For me, it was an instrumental cover by Taylor Davis, where she played the lyrics by violin instead. It didn't sound like Peter Frampton's guitar in "Do You Feel Like We Do" (hers is nowhere close to even sounding like a violin talking) but I enjoyed it.

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   Stuck at home due to the pandemic, Floor Jansen, lead singer of the metal band Nightwish, decides just for the hell of it to start recording cover versions of random songs in her home studio and posting them free on Youtube...


And starts it off by covering her young daughter's favorite song... Let It Go    ::D:



Her second post, a cover of the Heart classic...  Alone





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