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Bold Miniatures: Vesha. Self-inspired.

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Amazing work on the detail.  I love the sheer design and underlayer you created for the shirt, the denim texture on the jacket, and the multi-hue highlights on the hair.


Great paint!

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The sheer shirt choice was in part because I find doing lettering difficult. I considered a logo T-shirt, but replicating logos convincingly is tough. Whimsical freehand has very wide margins of error. I practiced a favorite fabric pattern a bit as the style of whimsy. The freehand also helps another thing: it distracts from any case where there are somewhat sloppy blends, and helps sell the sheer effect by crossing the boundary from bra to skin with the fabric. It really is a piece of illusion work, and choosing a set of less difficult things (for me) to make a way cool end result.


The sheer went pretty well. I painted the torso like it was skin first, pretending the shirt didn't exist. Then added the bra. Then glazed up pale grays and eventually white on the areas 1) not in contact with the skin, 2) highlighted. Areas not in contact with the skin but in shadow got medium to dark gray glazes instead. The freehanding went on top to tie it all together.

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3 hours ago, KruleBear said:

Very cool. Love the sheer and the texture of the leather.  


But I didn’t see a sword in your selfie :rolleyes:


Aww darn, wasn't quite authentic!


And the logo is actually on a hat that I have, in red, instead of on a shirt in green. I initially intended to study the red version of this mineral, but ended up studying the green one first instead.

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Amazing work! I thought first that the pattern on the shirt was on the mini, not freehand. As said before, the textures on different materials are very nice. Nice characterful mini also, had to check them out.


How long did it take to paint it?

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Hard to say, since I painted her over the span of a few months. I think I finished her around end of October, beginning November (when hair dye was fresher). Started her late summer. Got the plinth recently. Hours painting... at least 40? Minimum 5hrs per section (like hair, shirt, jacket, face, etc). The shirt and jacket were more tedious than difficult - just takes patience and a method in mind.

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The Mini You is a FANTASTICBEAUTIFULLY painted creation...this comes from an Old Man who doesn't usually care for busts. VERY WELL DONE!

AND the selfie totally altered any preconceptions I had of Cyradis...for the better that is. I love your smile.

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Thanks folks :) 

The sheet shirt is one of my favorites in summer. Just plain comfy but not sexy-sheer really. 

As of yesterday my hair is mostly not teal anymore. Need one more run of color remover. But I am currently discount Daenerys - bleached hair... with some greenish bits. Going to recolor to my natural dark blonde after a few days of conditioner. 

Jacket is a bit tight now that I exercise and have shoulders, eek! But it was fun having an outfit I could roughly replicate self to figure :)


The jacket texture was attempting denim. Lots and lots of crosshatch marks to shade and highlight. Soooooo many! 

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