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Box of Goodwill round 10 arrival/departure thread


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Here's the official arrival/departure thread for round 10 of the Box of Goodwill.


Remember, NO chatter here, please.  Do it here instead:



Chaos Wolf--sent 1/11

Broonkah---arrived 1/19, sent 1/22

Chris Palmer--arrived 1/26, sent 1/29

Thoramel---arrived 2/4, sent 2/14

MoonglowMinis---arrived 2/16, sent 3/1

Nathair---Skipped, no response to email

Chaos Wolf---arrived 3/3


Rat13---sent 1/11


IzzyLobo--arrived 2/1, sent 2/6

Prophetic Joe---arrived 2/8, sent 2/25

BuckyBall---arrived 3/3, sent 3/4

DrBob--arrived 3/6, sent 3/16

Rat 13---arrived 3/18


Ferret---sent 1/12

Ratmaster 2000---arrived1/14, sent1/16

Crowley--arrived 1/19, sent 1/22

Samurai Jack--arrived 1/25, sent 2/2

Corsair---arrived 2/4, sent 3/9

Ferret---arrived 3/12


Rob Dean*---sent 1/19

Haldir---arrived 1/22, sent 2/4

Dilvish the Deliverer---arrived 2/9, sent 2/12

Phantom Ash---arrived 2/22, sent 3/1

Matt Parody--arrived 3/8, sent 3/18

Necromancer---arrived 3/20


Inarah---sent 1/21,

GoddessTio---arrived 1/23, sent1/27

Lidless Eye---arrived 1/29, sent 2/1

Fencig---arrived 2/4, sent 2/8

Marc---arrived 2/11, sent 3/2

Lord Dave---arrived 3/5,  sent 3/8

Inarah---arrived 3/10


Pcktlnt---sent 1/15

Disserma---arrived 1/19, sent 1/22

Ironman 1231--arrived 1/25, sent 1/26

TGP---arrived 1/29,




Generic Fighter---sent 2/9, 

Mad Jack---arrived 2/13, sent 2/20

Slimninj4--arrived 2/22, sent 2/23

Keianna---arrived 2/27, sent 3/11

[email protected] 3/14, sent 3/16

Generic Fighter---arrived 3/19


*--Rob Dean's group is mostly composed of people who were willing to ship internationally. No one is under any obligation to do so, but if you want to add a few dollars to help the box cross borders, discuss that amongst yourselves and work out a plan. Also note that Rob Dean is retiring as a box starter, so his box is going to end up with Necromancer, who will be a starter for the next round.


Box starters are indicated in bold, those are the people to go to for questions/issues. You can also come to me, but please be aware that I am moving soon, so I'm not going to be around quite as regularly as I am now.


Have fun!

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Adding myself to that list. Everyone is aware
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40 minutes ago, Roonfizzle said:

@pcktlnt  box has been received by @Disserrma... and there was more than an hour a half while I was on the clock working from home that we pulled things out of the box.  it's ... HEAVY.

On the reverse, I thought it was kind of light. Lol. Glad the box arrived fast despite my delay to the post office.

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