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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Season 2: Suicide Squad 2 of 2


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The second half of the first big box, The Suicide Squad has my favorite character, Black Manta.  I am drawn to weirdly shaped villains and heroes, I think, but his roles in the modern Justice League show and Young Justice were great.  Likewise, Diablo/El Diablo is the most interesting character from the Suicide Squad movie, though that is a low bar.  I wonder where he came from because there were not a lot of non-movie depictions of him online.


The Squad, part 2



Diablo/El Diablo.  Everyone wears a belt in Gotham, apparently.  This guy is going around shirtless and on fire, yet he still makes sure he has a belt.  

1597090591_2021-01-0312_07_08.thumb.jpg.d8149d79a87e3d0f4d21a09544b2f5e5.jpg 520746819_2021-01-0312_07_14.thumb.jpg.a56632a1dfcb8faee3c24633be91efed.jpg 927556040_2021-01-0312_07_24.thumb.jpg.369adb53334257a63b38e78227da15a7.jpg 2021980861_2021-01-0312_07_38.thumb.jpg.e794954dc407304c4ba4628d0d687559.jpg


King Shark.  

652120719_2021-01-0312_08_03.thumb.jpg.054a54d99faed858703e4bd2a871a063.jpg 510811676_2021-01-0312_08_10.thumb.jpg.aada54cab1edc31420f27700ca90b351.jpg 565465993_2021-01-0312_08_17.thumb.jpg.2b50c7a886fed73493c683d83647d7c0.jpg 757250916_2021-01-0312_08_26.thumb.jpg.b653b3951d1f9b57bbacbdafd7b9c0ec.jpg


Black Manta making a bold fashion choice of scuba gear on dry land.

1144934276_2021-01-0312_08_47.thumb.jpg.cf7c4f7c1b474806607d32e373dfd0fe.jpg 1065700543_2021-01-0312_08_54.thumb.jpg.0f7274235f5e0c2e11e6f2ae7baf19f5.jpg 1751012550_2021-01-0312_09_00.thumb.jpg.5322165397687da896ee270e2bdc29b6.jpg 1060965678_2021-01-0312_09_08.thumb.jpg.edf4aa7a945ac23a05a6da1ae0a7a985.jpg


Joker's Daughter aka Duala Dent.  Apparently not his biological daughter, but a daughter in spirit.  I am not a fan of this figure, the words on her shirt (Daddy's Grrrl?) just did not come out at all.  The color scheme is good though.



Captain Boomerang, quite possibly the most useless major hero/villain in the DC Multiverse.  

5791222_2021-01-0813_59_53.thumb.jpg.65788fa5e92fbe622efe927c60bed6f6.jpg 1087852112_2021-01-0814_00_07.thumb.jpg.88077623234348d522c01a00b26e7de7.jpg1233159142_2021-01-0814_00_19.thumb.jpg.1aa33e0d95d3601bcdc949d59e4d444e.jpg1645241272_2021-01-0814_00_33.thumb.jpg.905573da225487b41f6fc503507e2775.jpg

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