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4 hours ago, Humansquish said:

@Kuroneko your minis look great! But this is where my lack of communication skills rears it's ugly head. When I thought we were painting the "dog thing" (my words and where I clearly failed) I thought we were painting the Leucrotta.


This is where we see what I can do in a speed paint. 🤪 I'll have my Cerberus ready by tomorrow night.


Oh noes! @Humansquish I'll paint the Leucrotta ASAP! We can do a double post!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Well, it's been another unproductive month on the painting front. I might get some more stuff finished before the end, but for now here's my my collaborative efforts for this months Challenge League.


First up is my duo with @Humansquish, which is the Artemis mini from the Bones 5 Greek expansion




Second up is my trio with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling which is the Zombie Giant also from Bones 5.




Bonus picture of my painting assistant ::D:




A final shot of my current long running project with a new base and way too many hours invested in him!




Thanks for looking everyone!

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Thank you everyone! You are all too kind :wub:


No cat pics this month, mostly because I locked them out of the room when I was trying to take photos. Little brats cried the entire time!


First up is my Trio mini with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling. Not my best work, but its been a struggle trying to get painting time this month so I'm happy just to get paint on something.




My Duo with @Humansquish. I tried to divert attention away from my painting by overcompensating with cork/rock!






This fella does look a lot better, but thats because most of the work on him was done last month. She's Shavynra the Slayer from Bones 5 and shes part of our Quarterly group which includes @Inarah, @Maledrakh, @Thoramel and @ManvsMini




Thanks for looking everybody! I've got the next couple of days off so I'm hoping that I can get some more minis done asap!

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