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Thank you everyone! And sorry for the very late reply, I've not been doing so well lately. However I've managed to finish these collaborative minis for this month.


First up is this fine figure of a minotaur that I did with @Humansquish .I tried to make him a bit shaggier, not entirely sure I succeeded but I think it suits him.




Second is my trio with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling. You definitely wouldn't want to meet this fellow on a dark night!




Thanks for looking everyone, here's hoping that my output increases soon. Stay safe!


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Not a problem @Humansquish! Keep on working on those entries, apparently people work on them at the con right up to deadline!


Here's my statues, which are a testament to the powers of drybrushing, washes and strategically placed tufts. I'll definitely have to use them in Pathfinder as golems at some point.




Here's my trio entry with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling. I have no idea what his name is but hes one of the Kid Heroes from Bones 5. Great sculpt but hands were not up to the details. I did try my first freehand since my nerves went wonky, so that's definitely a bonus!






Thanks for looking everyone!

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