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Progress picture for this months group challenge- a treasure rocky, carrion grub and my elf cleric who is going to be painted like Ursula from the Little Mermaid. I may have overdone it on the tentacles. 


No talent was involved making the tentacles, I used an aptly named Tentacle Maker from Green Stuff World :p



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1 hour ago, Kuroneko said:

Progress picture for this months group challenge- a treasure rocky, carrion grub and my elf cleric who is going to be painted like Ursula from the Little Mermaid. I may have overdone it on the tentacles. 


No talent was involved making the tentacles, I used an aptly named Tentacle Maker from Green Stuff World :p




the tentacles still look very cool. 

the worm looks good,  mine is in progress - but still needs several hours of work.  I got distracted by freehanding a cloak. 

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Haven't taken the time to update in a while, but I've making pretty good progress on the challenge.


First up I finished up the Mystic Circle to use for the Large Model category. This is one of those minis I skipped getting in the kickstarter and regretted it later. Super cool piece of scenery though and glad I finally picked it up.




Next is this armored goblin from bones 4 for the Diorama category. He's part of my project to give guns to goblins, or time travelling goblins if you will. He's a goblin hoarder, There's something like bits from 13 other reaper minis, and a few non reaper bits, in there.




I used this pirate harpooner as the February PC. I've been focusing on nautical themed minis for a while in anticipation of the pirate ship. So when I can I've been using minis from that project for the challenge.




And this Lysette is for the February New Release category. Quite a few of these popping up on social media. I can see why too, it's a huge improvement in material quality from where I'm standing.




I've got a few others finished but not posted on the Discord yet starting with this Norker Warrior I'm planning on using for the February Monster. Getting a real Return of the King 1980 cartoon orc vibe from these guys.




Like a lot of people I'm using this for the spikes and scales Themed category for this month. 




And I got this figure from the BoGW a couple of weeks ago and gave it a super quick paint job last night. I think I'm going to use this for he Freebie category for the month. I think it's a wizkids hag of some sort.




And I've got several more in the works. This is for the 4+ category with @Kuroneko, @ManvsMini, @Inarah, and @Maledrakh. We're all doing different catfolk. I chose the catfolk barbarian to paint up as a mean old farm cat, Chessie, I had growing up. He killed a whole lot of things and dragged them home, so I gave him a boar victim on the base from Bears Head Miniatures. He's pretty close to done, but I'm taking a class on gore in the upcoming RVE and will try and add a little blood to him and his prey.




And this is for the Trio category with Kuroneko and ManvsMini. We're painting them with a Disney villain theme and I chose the Evil Queen from Snow white. All I'm really doing so far is using the color scheme from the original character to paint the dress. I tried sculpting some apples to add to the base but it's not going so well, but there's still time so I may get a chance to improve on it.




Next are these aquatic critters for the Pop Up challenge category. I had these in my wish list when they were announced as part of the RCL, so that was an easy choice to make.




And finally here's another time travelling goblin I'm using for the Conversion category. A poor space mousling died for that jetpack.




I've got a few other things in the planning stages including possibly using the dragon tortoise from the last kickstarter for large model next quarter and maybe even doing a diorama with the triceratops from bones 4 and a much smaller, but extremely similar, dino from Ral Partha as a mother and child idea. Possibly it will include some hunting raptors if I can pull it all together. Cheers all and happy painting.

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@Thoramel, your making us look bad again! ::D:


Awesome work, I especially love Chessie. Let's face it, what cat WOULDN'T want to be able to use an axe?


Here's some more of my progress on my duo and trios. The face on Ursula still needs a lot of work, but i'm really happy with the tentacles. My housemate has already called 'dibs' on the mini for their new big bad npc :lol:




Also, my trio of WIP Chaos Toads sculpted by @TaleSpinner. I think the Brawler is just spikey enough to qualify for the Spikes and scales category! Absolutely gorgeous sculpts, I'm really going to have to pick up some more :wub:



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I'm still looking for a Trio for February.  I know it's late in the month, but asking over on Discord has gotten me no replies so I'm checking here. Maybe some folks who haven't dipped their toes into the challenge pool would like to join in?  


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