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So I decided to try out the Reaper Challenge League (RPL) for the time being and thought I'd go ahead and put together a WIP thread to highlight what I'm working on, keep the motivation going for myse

Here's some terribly lit pics of this months work on the RCL, featuring my efforts in teaming up with fellow forumites. The Avatar of Resilience(as a chubby unicorn!) is teamed up with @Humansquish, S

Here's my Scottish Dragonman on his way to the fitba' (as we call it in these parts). Apparently my camera hates me today :(        

Posted Images

@Kuroneko can you please post the pictures on Discord? I am late to head to a family event this weekend and won't have time.


This is my first very sad attempt at OSL, but it was very rushed and I ran out of time. Might do this figure again at the end of the year for that challenge.


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Here's everything I finished for the RCL since my last update. Most of it was for the March challenges, but a few things in there were quarterly pieces. And the zombies were a nice overlap with an RVE class. I think the goblins were my favorites, but they usually are. So, first quarter down and I thought it was pretty fun. Made me paint some stuff that I may not have tried otherwise. 



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Those look great, Thoramel!


So, @ManvsMini, @Thoramel and myself are painting griffons this month, all based on real life birds. This is my WIP of my eurasian sparrowhawk, based on the one that haunts our birdfeeders. I'm still playing around with the amount of orange and I need to paint bars on all that white, but I'm really happy with what I've done so far. 



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I've been making some progress on my griffin as well. I'm going with one of my favorite members of the falcon family, the North American Kestrel. It's definitely proving to be a challenge. Right now I'm just kind of letting it all come together organically. But I'm going to have to make some decisions about the direction this is going pretty soon. I'm still not sure if I want to separate this into Kestrel bits and lion bits, or just do one whole critter covered in kestrel coloring. I'm leaning towards the former right now. I'm also a little worried about starting the banding on the wings because I've never been very great at that kind of thing. But I guarantee no one at the table is going to complain about the banding when this thing snatches them up into the air and then drops them on some sharp rocks. I mean, they'll be complaining, just not about the paint job.





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My griffon is progressing slowly, but steadily. I did some rough marking of the dark marks on the underwings to try and map out the pattern. I read somewhere that you shouldn't use pure black with animal markings as it can look too stark, so I'm using the midtone from the upper wings which is 09323 Glacial. Definitely not finished yet, but I'm really happy with getting the basic pattern sorted out.





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Taking a tip from @Kuroneko above I tried to do a little banding on my griffin's wings this week. Might of gone a little overboard on it, and they don't resemble a kestrel's wings very much. But this is probably better than any other wings I've painted in the past, so I'll take it. I ended up going half bird/half lion coloring instead of all bird coloring on the lion bits, and I think the two color schemes go well together. This is getting pretty close to being done. Still need to highlight some places, do something with the eyes, and figure out how to come up with at least an approximation of a kestrel's weird banding on the orange and white bits. Definitely a tougher mini than I expected. But I guess "challenge" is right there in the name of this event.







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This month has been a bit hectic with too much work and definitely too little painting time. These are the ones I've finished so far


(Red Panda) Lowland Owlbear 77674




Two headed troll 44120, which is part of a trio with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling




(more pics here)





Keketar Protean 60055, which is part of my duo with @Inarah






....and a little group shot 🙂




More to come tomorrow, including two more collaborations with Thoramel/Manvsmini and Humansquish. I wont have time at the weekend, so it'll be my last chance to get things finished. This solo effort might not get finished by this months deadline as the armour is taking a lot longer than I anticipated




Ah well, she can always be May's monster entry :ph34r:


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