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Here's my first collaboration minis of the year. This month has not been particularly kind to me regarding painting but I managed to get my duos and trio done in time, thank goodness.


First up is my Duo with @Humansquish, 77559 Undying Minotaur. I love this mini so much!






Next up is my Duo with @Thoramel. We chose the fantastic Goroloth from Bones 5, Which is sculpted by the awesome @TaleSpinner. I'm not sure if I consider this mini 'done' because I still have trouble with fine detail and blending, so I'll probably revisit this one in 6 months or so. Or maybe just paint the other two that I have!










This months trio with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling is this lovely Earth Scion from bones 5. I tried punching way above my weight with the NMM, but overall I'm happy with the mini. It's an amazing sculpt and I tried to do a cracked lava effect but I'm not sure how effective that is to be honest. Still, It's done and I'm looking forward to inflicting her on my players when we finally start our game again.








Bonus pic! I'm doing a Discord challenge with Mighty Lancer Games as well, so I finished off this bad boy since he definitely qualified for the theme of 'Boss'! MLG are an awesome UK store that has become my go to place since they're great to deal with and they stock Reaper, GW, Greenstuff World and so much other awesome stuff. Here's Reikenor the Grimhailer who is unfortunately a wee bit squinty due to getting punted off the table by a nefarious feline.....




Speaking of nefarious felines, my apologies for the slight wonky nature of some of this months photos. I recently reorganized my painting area and my go to spot for taking photos now contains my seat. "Not a problem", I thought "I'll just put a box there and jury rig a stable area with some trays and black felt for a background. This did not go as I intended...








That's their innocent faces, the little brats! 😄


Anyways, thanks for looking and listening to my ramblings. Happy painting everyone!



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My fingers aren't obeying me :(
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Great stuff as usual @Kuroneko, but that scion is making me wish I'd picked that set up during the kickstarter. I also agree with Pochi, your cats are telling you that you should probably just photograph your minis against a cat background. 


So I forgot to do any updates for December of last year for the RCL, so I'm just going to jump ahead to January stuff since all my minis from last year are packed away. But I did track everything from last year and ended up submitting minis for 90 different categories in the RCL that comprised 115 separate miniatures. That's 36% of all the miniatures I painted in 2021. I'd say it's about 50/50 on whether those were painted for RCL specifically versus those that just ended up fitting into a category somewhere. I also ended up winning three raffle prizes! A resin Murkillor, a gift certificate, and a polished Sir Forscale (still waiting on that one). So I'd say that the challenge definitely determined some of what I painted last year. I'm probably going to be painting a little less this year that is specific to the RCL due to other projects. But I'll still be taking part, especially in the group challenges cause I noticed I try a little harder to get something nice when I'm painting with someone else. 


Anyways, Here's what I submitted for January:


This was for the quarterly Mod's Choice category of "Unsneakiest of Sneaks." Bright yellow shirt, tie dyed cape and glow in the dark rope. The only place she's sneaking is into a rave.






Monster category:




PC category, I'm also doing this as my 365 challenge and painting her again in December.




New Release:








And finally @TaleSpinner's Goroloth painted with Kuroneko. I'm likely going to add some more detail to the fish like bits in the future, but this is as far as I got and still able to make the deadline. This thing is great and I'm glad I picked up a few so I can attack my players with a school of them.




Cheers all, thanks for looking and hope you all get in on the RCL.

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These pictures were brought to you by the properties of three different types of painkiller. I'm currently on day 4 of a particularly migraine and after I post this I'm crawling back into bed :zombie:


Yet again, the month got away from me(even before the migraine!) but I prioritized my group minis. First up is my duo with @Humansquish, The Argonaught from the Bones V Greek Expansion. Its a great little mini that has already been reserved by my GM as a potential Big Bads champion.








Next up is my Trio with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling. Its the Catoblepas from Bones V Core set, sculpted by @TaleSpinner. I love this mini and I based the colouration on an alpine newt.





Here's my duo with @Thoramel, the Dunkleosteus from Bones V Dark Depths expansion. My first attempt was a pale blue/yellow and it was absolutely hideous!




I ended up going for a slightly more subtle green/red scheme, which I like a lot more.




I even managed a solo mini!




These two are 80% and 30% done respectively. Painting dragons is my absolutely favourite part of the hobby and I'm really enjoying these two










Thanks for looking everyone, all comments and critiques are very welcome. I'm going back to bed now!


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Well, February is over and I've got a number of minis I posted over in the discord since my last update here.


First up is my entry for the large quarterly category. This already had a Show Off thread but going to put it here as well for completeness sake:




February duo category with @Kuroneko, Dunkleosteus. Turns out the largest intact specimen of this, which is just the first third of the critter, is in a museum a couple of hours from me. Going to have to go visit that at some point:




Slowly working through the Dwarf Crypt set and these were submitted for February New Release and quarterly Terrain categories:






Some wizkids bullywugs my wife got me submitted for freebie category:




February's themed category was winged fury. I was ignoring the themed category but this one fit right in so might as well get some extra points:




February PC:




February Monster:




And my personal favorite, This is half of the Goblin Command set which I submitted for the heavy mod/conversion category. I swapped out an arm with a power fist I found in the last round of the BoGW, gave him a laser rifle in place of his sword, and swapped the knife on his belt out for an MP-38. Then re-based him on an old Secret Weapons base. He is now a commander in my slowly growing army of time travelling, gun toting goblins. Going to have to be careful though and not wipe out my players with these guys, they're starting to look more and more competent (should probably start a thread just for them). 




Cheers all, thanks for looking and hope you paint something you love soon!

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Thus hasn't been my best month for painting, but at least I got my co op minis done! Without further ado, here's some of my RCL entries.


First up is this lovely lady, who comes from the Bones V Greek Expansion. I painted this alongside @Humansquish and she was a lot of fun to paint






Next up is my group entry with @Inarah, @Thoramel, @Maledrakh, @ManvsMini and @Lt Flowbee. I tried to go way outside my comfort zone and I'm not entirely sure that I managed to capture the effect that I wanted, but here she is!




Last is my trio with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling. I love this mini but I think that I definitely need to repaint him at some point as I'm not that happy with his skin, the cloth or the smoke. Still a lovely mini though!


(I have no idea why that second pic is upside down, sorry)






Obligatory WIP dragon pic




Thanks for looking everyone!

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Thanks Thoramel, that's exactly the vibe that I was going for!


Well, this month has been somewhat sparse on the painting front due to health issues and general life stuff. I may be able to get some more finished before Sunday, but heres my co-op minis for this month.


Cerebus from Bones 5 Greek Expansion, my Duo mini with @Humansquish. I probably should have taken the highlights brighter, but I think that he works well as a hellhound!









This is my Trio with @Pochi and @Evilhalfling, the Fire scion from Bones 5. He's a lovely mini and I'm really glad that I took note of the colours for the gold because I need to try it again sometime soon. It looks much better in real life, honest! Thanks for looking everyone!






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@Kuroneko your minis look great! But this is where my lack of communication skills rears it's ugly head. When I thought we were painting the "dog thing" (my words and where I clearly failed) I thought we were painting the Leucrotta.


This is where we see what I can do in a speed paint. 🤪 I'll have my Cerberus ready by tomorrow night.

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