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Triceratops Action Figure Repaint

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43 minutes ago, Humansquish said:

Forgive my ignorance, but what do you mean by "scientifically accurate"?


it was sculpted and modeled to look as accurate to current science knowledge that we have, the guy consulted with paleontologists and studied several fossils to get it right


basically, most action figures and toys (and, yes, gaming miniatures) of dinosaurs don't bother getting the look or proportions right, for like triceratops they just slap three horns and a head shield onto a rhino body and call it good. it's hard to find things that actually look like the real thing did, so i was excited for there to be a kickstarter where actual research and care was put into making it look like the real thing


the biggest things companies do that aren't accurate but are almost universal in representing a triceratops:

- rhino/elephant like wrinkly skin instead of scales

- rhino/elephant like feet instead of their splayed hands

- giant oversized horns and frill crest

- sharp teeth

- spikes

- long serpentine tails

etc etc, there's a lot that people do wrong with dinosaurs that make them just made up monsters instead of actual dinosaurs. Reaper's at fault here as well, it's just what people in the business of making dinosaur figures / toys do. so it makes me excited when i see something that had care put into trying to make it look like a real animal and not a made up monster with 'dinosaur' slapped onto its name

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