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9th Annual Reaper Forums Large Model Challenge, Rules and Discussion (2021)


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Happy New Year! Thank you for your submissions! The 2021 contest is now closed.


Great job! We had so many entries and I think the judges are going to have their work cut out for them! I have already heard back from two judges who are able to help out again this year and will be looking over the entries in the next few weeks. I contacted a couple more and am waiting to hear back if they can do it.


Thank you all for participating! I will keep you updated here!

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Top Posters In This Topic

I went through and counted all of the entries, and, if I did not miscount, we had the following amount of submissions for each category!


Diorama - 10 entries
40-99mm - 54 entries

100mm+ - 26 entries

Non  Reaper = 33 entries


Wow, you guys! That's amazing!

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Oh boy, you guys!!! We have the winners! Remember, you are awarded your highest scoring place. So even if someone would have placed in more than one category, you are awarded one prize to spread the love around!


The judges, as predicted, had a difficult time and the scores were very close in several categories! So close in fact, in one category we have a tie for first place! The judges commented on the quality as well as quantity of entries. Everyone should be proud of themselves! 


Before we get to the winners, let's thank our three judges! @dks, @Kuro Cleanbrush, and @Corporea graciously agreed to judge for us again this year. Thank you so much! We appreciate you taking your time and expertise to judge for us!


Ok, you have waited long enough! Drum roll..........

40-99mm wide/tall (Reaper only)
1st Place - LarsM - Dark Watcher

2nd Place - Pochi - Marid

Random drawing - Ganryu Kojiro - Efreeti khan

100mm+ wide/tall (Reaper only)

We have a tie for first place!

1st Place - Darcstaar - Shadow Dragon

1st Place - jedijared - Ildraedis

2nd Place - Grumpy Cave Bear - Khanjira

Random drawing - Citrine - Mudgullet

Diorama (Reaper Only)

1st Place - Razalas - The Bridge of Khazad-dûm

2nd Place - Fencig - Unholy Summoning

Random drawing - monsterdenminis - Rotpatch Pumpkin Golem and Halfling Farmers


Non Reaper models Busts, and Dioramas over 40mm wide/tall

There is no Reaper prize support for this category and we did not receive any donations. If donations come in, the prizes will be given out.

1st Place - Cicciopiu - Ouroboros Lea from Exquis series

2nd Place - mousekiller - Angry Treant


Congratulations to all of the winners! I will be contacting everyone through messages with information on how to claim your prize. Thank you again to our judges and thank all of you who entered! It has been a tough couple of years and at least we have some beautiful art to show off!


We have been given the go ahead to continue the annual contest for 2022! This will be the 10th Annual Forum Contest! I will be getting the posts up for the new contest within the next week so everyone can get started for this year! Happy painting!!!


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