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Car Wars fans..


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Dang CD..you really were a Duellist huh? ::):


My best design was a mid-size with two front mounted recoiless rifles and two heavy machine guns in a turret. It was Div. 30 I think. Had FP plastic all around and the obligatory spoilers and airdams like yours.


What I liked about the HMG's was that they were cheaper than vulcans and still had the 2D punch each. Withthem mounted in a turret I could throw 4D in any direction and 8D out the front.


I used to use a lot of the dischargers too. They were cheap and made great one shot smokescreens. You could even bottom mount them.


My League Team was called Coyote Motors, based here in Topeka. We duelled all the arena's on the Flashfire circuit. The league I ran was pretty snarky. It had about six players and we always had at least two events at each venue. Usually Div. 15 and Div. 30.



Good times, good times. ::):

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My favorite CAR Wars moment: I was playing in an arena with various and sundry ramps, and one car was making what would amount to a game-winning jump (since points were awarded for jumps, laps and kills, in that order). While his car was in mid-air, another play looks over at the ref, and asks "How high does an object have to be to qualify as airborne?" The ref looks at him, and says "4 inches" (which would be 60'). Guys looks at his car, and asks "So, how high is this car?", pointing to the one currently mid-jump. "5 inches, plus a tad". "Great. I launch my SAM (Surface to Air missile)." Between the damage from the missile, plus the hazards already on the ramp coming down, the car landed, immediately fishtailed off the ramp, and dropped into the arena floor at upwards of 100 mph.


My best kills came from a dedicated ram car with twin rocket launchers (forget whether they were VFRP, RL, MFRP, etc) that were tied into a bumper trigger and concealed with blow-through patches. It was not uncommon for me to broadside someone at 80 mph+, and when the ram damage + rockets was calculated, the target was instantly reduced to confetti. It is kinda rude to lean over to your target, and ask "I only have 15 d6. Can I borrow some of yours for this?"

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I was mad as heck when they changed the ram damage rules in the last compendium. Bumper triggers were wonderful things. ::):


I think my favorite moment was in the Topeka Arena, known as " The Gash " because of the big trench running down it's middle. I was almost immobile, having lost my right front wheel to a mine or something. All I could do was crab around. I hadn't surrendered as I still had plenty of battery to run my guns and turret. Two other cars were fighting on the other side of this big smoke screen from me and I told them, "the first one of you that clears that smoke in front of me is getting blown to heck". I had two HMG's in the turret and two RR front mounted and I was facing the end of the smokescreen.


Sure enough here comes my biggest rival blowing past the smoke. My weapons were all linked and it sounded something like click, click BOOM! 8D hit him broadside and shattered his car.


THEN.. he had the nerve to whine about me being out of it. I pointed out to him the difference in the league rules ( that he helped write ) between a mobility kill and a vehicular kill. And I pointed out that I hadn't fired my surrender flare and they had been warned. ::D:



And the time I was racing and flipped my car about six times and came to rest on the hood of an ambulance in the infield. :upside:



I've got some pictures around here somewhere of some of the stuff we did...

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I never played Car Wars...i Preferred Battle Cars from GW....the Dark future game also from GW was Pants.....Battle cars was fun to play easy to learn ....and true to GW style ...caused shed loads of arguments....LOL


snowstorm....making warfare look like poetry in motion

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